Monday, February 22, 2010

On to Something

As most of you know, I've decided to sort of formalize my blog. It's been a challenging experience to say the least but I think I'm a little more organized. I find I have a better thought process as to what I'm wanting to say on my blog so I'm not droning on & on about "stuff" that has nothing to do with writing. I now find I get up before sunrise, read and comment on blogs before the Small One gets up for school, and then when she's IN school I can work unimpeded on my WIP. When she gets home at noon, we have lunch, I comment some more, work another 2 hours on my WIP, and then spend time with her again. When she goes to bed, I finish up with blogging, write my post for the next day, or tweak it because now I found the post options tab I can write them all on Sunday. It's delightful having a schedule.

To get on with Monday business -- Query Tally Stats.
16 out -- 5 rejected, including one of the partials, 1 partial still out, 2 we'll get around to reading it when we do thanks. Yeah, one of the partials got rejected. I'm glad I didn't fall apart (that's a lie, I did fall apart and had a messy 3 days crying, eating leftover Valentine chocolate and raging against the machine, It also didn't help I had PMS.) but I'm glad I didn't post about it. We all have to go through with the process and I went through it and I put it behind me. I still have 11 floating around out there and hopefully, someone or maybe 3 or 4someone's will like what I've written and request something. Or maybe the partial that's still out will request a full. It's all I can do to just wait at this point.

On to the next...I've been astonished lately how so many people have found me and decided to become my friend. I don't know if it's because of what I've written, how I comment or it's just because of the awesome buffet I've got in the dining room. LOL. But I do want to thank you all for finding me and commenting, it's been a really great experience to have so much feedback. So thank you. I also want to apologize to those of you who became my friend and then I didn't friend you back until recently. It was thoughtless of me to do so but over this weekend I have tried to rectify that, (with the exceptions of those who don't have blogger addresses -- Donna, this means you). If I've missed anyone else, let me know. I HATE being rude.

Elana Johnson over at the QueryTracker blog had a really good visual aid for doing up an outline. I'm going to try it with MisMatched because I had to scrap that whole storyline, and now I have no idea how they're going to meet. I've got something along the lines of a puppet show, but I'm not sure yet what's going to happen. I'll keep you posted.

I also found Casey McCormick's Blog and you have just got to follow her. Holy Beans Batman, she's got some stuff going on right now that'll blow your mind. Adverbs, adjectives, and it's only part 1. I can't wait for the rest because even though I had a creative writing minor in college, I still don't know my dangling participles from subjective modifiers. (And does that even make any sense. It's a wonder I got a partial request.)

There's also a new agent blog out there, Mark McVeigh. He had some kind of contest going on over the weekend and the deadline is tonight at midnight. Scype or phone call with an agent, if you get 10 other people to join up. I'm not a big joiner-upper and am also not really interested in talking to an agent unless he's repping my genre -- which he isn't.

And so gentle readers that is my Monday post. I have tomorrow's all written but I might just scrap that (in honor of my shiny new award) and write something different. We'll see. I had an idea two days ago that I thought might be if you're in the neighborhood swing by. It might be interesting to see your comments.

And what did you do this weekend?

*** I tried to fix the link for Casey McCorminck's blog but I can't seem to do it. Here is the address for her blog sight.


sarahjayne smythe said...

Wow. I'm impressed with your mad organizational skills. :) I'm glad it's all working out for you. It's always tricky with a little one in the house.

I'm sorry you got the partial rejected, but I am happy you came to terms with it. That's a major accomplishment right there. So go!you!

Of course people follow you. You give great blog. :)

And I'm gonna have to try that whole write your blogs and then schedule them to be posted thing because that sounds like something I should do. :)

Simon C. Larter said...

Huh... apparently organization = more followers. This does not bode well for my future in blogging... :)

Good on you for your efforts, good lady!

Piedmont Writer said...

Hey Sarah Jayne -- I only have mad organizational skills because I usually live in chaos most of the time. Organized chaos I should say. I moved a lot (A LOT) when I was starting out and most of my stuff remained in boxes or in storage for years. So it got to be habit to know where everything was (which box). As to the schedule for your posts, oh man what a fantastic idea. It helps so much.

Simon -- I'm just as puzzled as you why I received a spike in friends. I still think it's the buffet. But thanks.

Erin Kuhns said...

You're building followers/friends because you have a blog worth coming to, woman! :) I like coming to visit and I always appreciate your visits as well.

I'm sorry to hear about the rejection but I'm also glad you shared the outcome with us. I find your perseverance, your writing and your organization all to be inspirational for me.

(Oh, and I finished the danishes on the buffet; you'll want to refill the basket.)

Kristi Faith said...

Yes, your new friends love the food, the comments and your blog. It's a trifecta. :0)

Keep it up girl, you're hard work is going to pay off!

Piedmont Writer said...

Erin -- Thanks. And the danish are back, fresh out of the oven. No store bought for me.

Kristi -- Thanks. I hope so.

Tara said...

We're here because you have a great blog, and you're a nice person :)

Keep at those queries, there's plenty more agents swimming in that sea. You'll get there.

Tara said...

PS, your link to Casey's blog didn't work and I'd love to see it ;)

Piedmont Writer said...

Tara -- I'm sorry the link didn't work, I tried to fix it six times but I went to her homepage and she has everything listed on her sidebar -- Here is the link to that. Try that and see what happens. I'll work on the other and see if I can fix it.

Shelley Sly said...

A great post, as always. I'm sorry to hear about your rejection. I've been there, and I've had it bring me down for a few days, but then I was back up and running, ready to submit elsewhere, edit, or write another book. I'm glad you're staying optimistic -- I think something exciting is in store for you.

And I'm with the others: while your buffet is delicious, it's really you and your writing that keeps us coming back. :)

Falen said...

In all seriousnee, i really want a danish and don't really know how to go about finding one. I'll have to check my grocery store i guess, since they don't seel them at McDs anymore

Piedmont Writer said...

Shelley -- Hey thanks. Chocolate always helps. And from your lips to God's ears about something special in the works.

Sarah A -- Look in the bakery section in the grocery store, or sometimes in the frozen foods. You can't go wrong with danish. After chocolate it's my go-to food.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Whatever you're doing, you ust be doing something right! Congrats on the growing following! Good luck with the queries. It's definitely a maddening time.

Nicole Ducleroir said...

Hi Anne!

I'm so happy to hear your chin's up about the partial rejection. Since getting a partial request is two steps forward, I know it must feel like one step back -- but you're right to remember you have other irons in the fire. More good news is due any time!

Loved reading about your organized writing schedule. I've got to get mine back on track. I'm judging a couple contests right now, and reading through entries and writing reviews is eating up all my time (grrr). There must be a lesson in there for me in over-extending myself....

Have a great evening :))

Piedmont Writer said...

Thanks Carolina! Yeah, I can see why people would give up writing if there were no such things as partial requests.

Nicole -- I hope you're right about the good news. Yes, over extending yourself does tend to take away from the writing. Good Luck.

Kristen said...

I'm new to your blog :) Can you share some of those organization skills? I am sorely lacking lol.

Lady Glamis said...

Your blog has exploded! I knew you'd be a hit as people got to know that you are here!

Sorry about your partial rejection. You know I'm always here on chat if you need to just complain or talk. I miss you!

Thanks for all the updates. :)

Piedmont Writer said...

Hi Kristen -- Welcome aboard. Shoot me an email, what would you like to know, I'd be glad to impart my wisdom. Organization is easy, it's just another way to think about what you're doing, whether the dishes or blogging or writing.

Glamaliscious -- Get ready baby, I'm gonna be finding you really really soon, like maybe an hour or so.