Friday, February 5, 2010


This post is going to cover a myriad of things, a few questions, an award. It's Friday and I am out of steam. It's been a week. Well, you know what I mean. We had snow, as you all know, and the Small One has been out of school except for 2 hours yesterday. She is out again today because...snow is falling again and the Piedmont is in a panic. You might think we were having a blizzard like the east coast, we're only getting a few inches, maybe some sleet, maybe not, I hate to say it the weather people on the tv arent't the brightest bulbs in the box, I don't care how much Dopplar they have. (Or maybe I should say -- Dopelar.) Question #1 - Is it snowing where you are?

And with that, I haven't written a word. Not on anything. I've looked at all the manuscripts I have in file, I've penned a few bits of dialogue on paper while waiting for the phone to ring, watching the baby in the bath tub, but I haven't written anything significant. I DID however, draw up an outline for Richard & Amanda's story, so I at least know what I'm going to try to do with it. I have also decided I'm taking out the first couple of pages, and jump right into the action, which I believe you read last Friday. (Let me see if I can make a link -- nope I can't. It's not that I'm stupid [well, when it comes to computer things, yes, yes I am] but I don't seem to have the "link" icon -- does it make a difference if I say I have OfficeXP. Question #2 - Is anyone else as computer challenged as I am?

I've been tooling around the blogs and a couple of writers seem to be trying to start their reading lists from New Years'. I didn't make a list but thought it was a good idea, so I've started posting the books I read on my side bar. I have so many books in my to-be-read pile I can just grab one and go. I also read really fast, I read Girls in Trucks in one day and am almost finished (2 days) with The Last Time They Met. (I'm trying to work something up for book reviews for the blog and will discuss them next week.) And because I'm not writing, I have the time to read. And reading is not distracting me from my writing. I tend to copy-cat when I do both at the same time. Question #3 - Can you read and write at the same time?

Thank you to Sarah Jane from Writing in the Wildnerness for giving me the Happiness Award. I appreciate it. I have already received it though from Stephanie at Writer's Cocoon so my list (which I can't link to but is from January 19) remains the same except for #8. I am happy I finished with the query process and am out scouting for agents. I am deliriously happy I received a partial request.
I would like to send this award to:
Lady Glamis, Nicole Ducleroir, Julie Cross, Kristi Faith, Elana Johnson, Teebore, Lisa, Tara & My Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome. Question #4 - Did I forget anyone? If I did, please take the award as well. I know Simon, Steph and the two Sarahs already have it.

I mailed my Partial out on Monday afternoon, and the postal lady said it would take 3business days to get there so I am assuming it will reach its destination today. I am hoping the agent will take it home over the weekend and will e-mail me by Monday to say, "Yes, I'd love to see the full." (I have no choice but to be a writer, my fantasy life is outstanding, is it not?) My cousin Liz says I'm manifesting my destiny. I have to think good thoughts and good things will happen. (I have always been a pessimist, always.) I've been thinking good thoughts for awhile now and well, if the partial is any sign.... Question #5 - Do you think you can manifest your own destiny? Or shall I leave this question for another time and post.

I think this will be the last thing I say today, (Small One is waking) there has been talk of author platforms on some of the agent blogs, and I was wondering if you think all that is necessary. Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkdIn, and whatever else I don't know how to do. I have a blog, I started with this intention, to use as my platform, as the agents said to do so and follow a few other blogs regularly and comment. So I did. I don't think it would be worth it to me to have a web-site, as I'm not published yet, can't put up cover art, or excerpts, or any of that crap.
Question #6 - Are you building a platform or are you just blogging it for now until the big day gets here like me?

And so gentle readers, that is my post for the day. If the electricity doesn't go out I will hopefully be working on Richard & Amanda. If I don't kill the Small One/Monster Baby first. Happy Weekend. Drive safely wherever you are.


Nicole Ducleroir said...

I think your cousin is right, about you manifesting your own destiny. The Secret and all that -- I'm a firm believer!

Thanks for the Happiness Award! You're too sweet! And, I posted something this morning and have a little gift for you, too. I love that we thought of each other on the same day!

Have a great day :))

Piedmont Writer said...

My cousin goes back a lot longer than The Secret. She's been doing this since the 70's and boy howdy, does she create. She should have been a guru.

I know, isn't it funny we both shared awards today.

Lady Glamis said...

#1 - I was about to type that it's not snowing here, that it hasn't snowed in a solid week and a half and all the snow on the ground is gone. But, well, I looked out the window and now it's snowing. Go figure.

#2 - I'm not too computer challenged, just with the really complicated things, and then my husband helps. Sometimes he doesn't know, either, then we're in trouble. Hah.

#3 - I cannot read a book and write a book at the same time, no. I end up stealing, getting influenced, getting confused, and just plain a mess. I have to do both separately. Glad I'm not alone!

#4 - Thanks for the award!

#5 - I think we can manifest our own destiny. I believe in good karma, and I believe in positive thoughts making a HUGE difference. I really do need to do this myself. I've been SO negative lately it's ridiculous. I will get an agent this year, I will make Monarch super amazing, I will be happy no matter what happens!!!

#6 - I'm trying to build a platform, kind of. Blogging has been a great networking tool for me, and I've made some great connections. :)

Falen said...

i do think you can, in part, manifest your destiny. At the least it seems to me that my friends who are always negative etc, have bad things happen to them, and the ones who are always happy have good things happen to them.
I think i'm more of an even steven

Tara said...

#1 - Yep, I'm in the Triad. We still had snow left from last weekend, now we have more. And rain; next up: freezing rain. Then more snow. Oh, this is fun. Especially for someone who lived their entire life in South FL.
My munchkins were out of scool except for half a day yesterday. I've gotten far less done than you have, for sure. But I did get a surprise when they came home. Posted it on my blog :)

#2 - I'm so-so with the computer. I can figure almost anything out by googling directions. I just don't have the patience for anything overly complicated.

#3 - Nope, can't read and write. I've been writing for two solid years now and I've read only the latest in the Outlander series (Echo in the Bones).

#4 - Well, thanks. That was awfully sweet.

#5 - Jury's still out, but I lean further toward yes every day. I believe in karma, so I suppose that's pretty close :)

#6 - I blog and I have a FB fanpage. I enjoy finding other apiring writer's pages/blogs and joining in. It can be a lonely, time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes dowright disheartening career goal, so I like to offer encouragement to all my kindred spirits.

Davin Malasarn said...

Anne, good luck with everything! It's not snowing where I am, but it is raining, which isn't the same thing, I realize. I hope you get some time to revise!

Kristi Faith said...

aww you are having my week. I'm so sorry.

Let's see, I started the blog because of author platform, but have found I love it so much I could care less if it helps me get published or not. Facebook is more for family-it has personal stuff, pics, but I invite my writer friends to friend me on there anyway, and twitter, well I'm still figuring that out.

Manifesting our own destiny: Yes, I believe that our positive thoughts and actions help us become what we want, but we must also work towards it. Thoughts alone will do nothing.

Good luck with your monster, mine is finally sleeping for a small nap and then the fun begins again. *sigh*

Piedmont Writer said...

Michelle -- #3 gets me everytime. I cannot read and write at all, which I suppose is how I can catch up on my reading when Monster Baby is home from school.

Sarah -- yeah, being a pessimist I always lost out on all the good stuff. It's only been recently I have started to demand more of my daydreams and really concentrated on what I REALLY want.

Tara -- It's nice to know I'm not all alone out here in NC. I thought I was the only one besides Sabrina Jeffries. When, or more precisely if, the kids ever go back to school, we should get together for coffee. The real kind vs the virtual kind. I'm in the Triad too.

Davin -- I wish it were only rain. Although I only have to wait a few more weeks until the monsoons come again and I'll be wishing for something else. I actually did try and write something this morning but Monster Baby was all over me to go out. Which we did, and I shoveled while she played, but then I thought I was having a heart attack (for real) and came back in all scared. I have since calmed down but decided I will manifest tropical trees and warm sunny weather for the rest of the afternoon.

Piedmont Writer said...

Kristi -- Yeah, I hear you on the author platform and now it's almost turned into an addiction. I keep reading and adding more blogs, I keep finding authors and writers and just dang cool stuff to pile on my tool bar.
Problem is, I can't seem to concentrate on my writing, even when Monster Baby is in school. I wish the days were longer, or I could manage without sleep.

sarahjayne smythe said...

I feel for you, I really do. It's been a brutal week that seemed to go on forever.

I'm all about manifesting your destiny. I love that phrase and I think it's really true. And I totally get the not having the time to write. It's depressing.

Take care of yourself in the snow; shoveling is really hard on your heart. And try to enjoy your weekend. :)

Piedmont Writer said...

Thanks Sarah -- You might think it was still January or something.

The thing with manifesting your destiny, I've found anyway, is that you have to be very specific. Not only did I want an agent to request a partial, I wanted said agent to request a full and then offer a contract which then, would generate an auction for all 4 books in the series and I would get my favorite publisher. LOL. I told you my fantasy life was out there.

As for shoveling, after I get my 6-figure contract, I'm moving to some far away island in the tropics. Okay maybe not, but I will hire someone to plow the driveway for me. Either that or buy my own truck with plow.

Erin Kuhns said...

Hey there!! I'm so glad to be taking a tour of your blog. And you've given me some food for thought so I'm taking a stab at your questions:

1. Oddly enough, it's not snowing. I live in Quebec, Canada and the last 2 years were incredibly snowy. This year has been blissfully "normal" - some snow is good. Too much isn't so good.

2. I'm fairly computer savvy, but I still have so much more to learn...

3. I do like to read and write at the same time. But I purposely switch authors so I'm not reading the same style over and over again because then I do feel it in my writing. But I find I'm a slow reader, so I really do have to keep a book going...

4. Congrats on the award!

5. Destiny...hmmmmmm....I do believe in karma, positive thinking, etc. And I think hard work will pay off, the way it's meant to...

Erin Kuhns said...

Oh! Forgot 6!

I began blogging several years ago but I was using blogging more as an online journal than anything else. It's only in the past few months that I've actually been paying more attention to the whole idea of building a platform. And I think if you're going to focus on building one, a blog's a great place to begin!