Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sarah at Falen Formulates Fiction asked me to do this quite a few months ago. (Susan Fields just did the same thing on her blog too.) As a blogging newbie I had no idea how to find pictures and all the other jazz that goes with this particular kind of post. But now that I do, here we go.

My first novel MASQUERADE (a single title Regency romance) is in the hands of an agent on a partial request (also still out with 7 others, whom I'm assuming are passing on this however, the requisite three month time period is not up just quite yet so one never knows.)

Any-hoo, I'm going to repost my query letter and then I'm going to post some pictures of who I think my characters are. Let me know what you think.

Someone is trying to kill Lady Penelope Leighton’s father and now the fiend has turned his sights on her! Frightened, she flees London in the dead of night masquerading as a traveling companion.

When William Smith, the Earl of Westerly, arrives at Wakefield to look after his aunt’s cousin, he is more than surprised when he meets her young, beautiful companion. William, a confirmed bachelor, is fascinated by the mysterious Miss Penny Higgins, whose sweet, sunny smile and unfathomable intellect are in direct contrast to her dowdy clothes and recurring stutter. The duchess keeps a strict eye on Penny, and William means to find out why, but no one is talking. He discerns the ladies are in trouble, it’s obvious they are in hiding, and now it appears that William will also have to masquerade… as the steward.

Before either of them realizes it, they’ve lost their hearts: Penny to a man who’s sworn never to marry, and William to a woman incognito and destined for a duke.

After Penny’s true identity and reason for hiding are revealed to William, he immediately engages his friends in the campaign to help catch the villains. However, upon their return to London, a confounding chain of events finds his cousin Robert posing as Penny’s fiancĂ©. William realizes his desire for Penny is more than just a passing fancy and is determined to marry her, but first he must find the blackguard who threatens her.

This is William Smith, Earl of Westerly.

This is Penny, Lady Penelope Leighton.

This is Quiggins, the butler.

This is Penny's aunt,
the Duchess of Caymore.

Robert Carlton, the Duke of Cantin,
William's best friend.

Captain Richard Gaines, Wil and Robert's friend.

Ellis, the Marquess of Haverlane, William's brother.

So what do you think? Are they believable as my characters?


Al said...

They seem great to me.
I love trying to find images to fit my characters.
So far I have had very bad luck. Most of mine have too strong a fix in my mind to allow me to use photos of someone else.


Publish or Perish

Matthew Rush said...

These are so fun to see but I could never do this. Thanks for sharing though Anne, great query/pitch!

Wendy Ramer said...

All I know is I want Robert Carlton, the Duke of Cantin. Oh wait, that's not the type of feedback you were looking for, is it? ;-)

Jen said...

Oh my gosh I want to read your book, it sounds delicious, LOL. The characters are perfect my favorite is Penelope! I'm a sucker for those types of romance so I hope you succeed and soon!

Joanne Brothwell said...

Fabulous query! I can see why it was requested.

I love picking photos of characters, it's a great way to make them come to life.

I'd have to agree with Wendy's comment on Robert. Yummy - Ha!

Piedmont Writer said...

Al -- That was part of the problem when I was writing. I could see them in my mind, but no one fit in real life. Thank God for BBC television.

Thanks Matthew!

Wendy -- That's okay. I love Robert too!

Jen -- Thanks, I love Penelope. She starts out as such a mouse and then gains her strength. I suppose you would too if someone was trying to kill you.

Joanne -- Thanks. I'm praying it gets a full. I so want Penny to have a chance in today's market. And Yes, Robert is delightful.

Christine Danek said...

Very believeable. Great images. I love to find the faces of my characters.

Falen said...

ooh they totes work! I especially like the pic for Robert, that's exactly how i pictured him

Tara said...

Ooohhh, Robert's yummy. (Good grief, do I have a type or what, lol)

I can see why the requests for partials - that query is superb, girl!

KarenG said...

Good luck with the agent, and let's hope you get Russell Crowe for the movie!

Piedmont Writer said...

Christine -- A little time consuming but a lot of fun once I found them.

Sarah -- I'm so glad you like.

Tara -- Thank you so much. Let's hope the agent likes it enough to request the full.

Karen -- I think Russell will be too old by then. But as a character he's got his own book too.

Julie Dao said...

Anne, your story sounds absolutely fascinating. I love, love, love period stories and period movies and anything period. Your characters look perfect. I was planning on doing a post like this this week! :)

Talli Roland said...

Definitely! Great job, Anne!

Can I have a little of William Smith, please? Just a little bit?

B. Miller said...

I love it! Wonderful choices for your character faces! Thanks for sharing.

Shelley Sly said...

I love this! The pictures fit the character descriptions perfectly (in my opinion) and I'd so read your book! Thanks for posting!

Cynthia Reese said...

I swear, the guy who played big brother to the lady who served us tea this weekend ... he was the spitting image of William Smith. I hadn't even thought of why the fellow looked familiar until now. No wonder the guy looked dreamy in a cravat!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

GREAT query letter! You're an inspiration!! What a fun time you must have had finding head shots to match with your characters. I'll definitely do this one day with my own. It's great to see who the players are!

My fingers are crossed for that partial to pay off!

Anonymous said...

Excellent query! Very impressive. When you get published (WHEN, not IF), I'm so picking up your book. Probably many times.

Good luck!

Lola Sharp said...

Ooohhh, I love me some William!! Robert ain't bad either. :)

I love your query letter. It grabbed me right away, held my attention, and made me want to request more!

I'm ready for them to make it into a masterpiece theater movie with your cast...now.


Piedmont Writer said...

Julie -- Thanks, that's why I wrote it, the love of the genre. Regency England.

Talli -- My love you can have as much of William as you can stand. You might have a half a shot at meeting him, he lives in London.

B. -- Thanks so much!

Shelley -- Hopefully soon I'll know what I'm doing with it.

Cynthia -- Well, I'm definately going to the tea house now!!!

Nicole -- Cross your toes too Sweetie, I need all the help I can get.

E. -- WHEN not IF, I get published I will send you an ARC.

Piedmont Writer said...

Lola -- Well, that's where all the actors came from -- Masterpiece. I so wish you were my agent. I've got four more in the works and want them pubbed too.

sarahjayne smythe said...

I think you made great choices for your characters. I can't wait to see the published edition. :)

Shannon Whitney Messenger said...

First of all--new Follower! *waves*

Finally found a second to do some blog hopping and I stumbled across your blog and had to say hi! I love connecting with other writers so I look forward to getting to know you a little better (though I'll confess, sometimes my commenting skills can be sporadic. Especially right now as I try to meet my agent's deadline)

Anyway, nice to meet you. Good luck with the querying process. It's not fun, but it pays off eventually!

Piedmont Writer said...

Sarah Jayne -- I can't wait to see the published version either!

Shannon -- I've seen you around the blogosphere, nice to meet you. Glad you stopped by. I'm hoping this pays off, eventually!

Portia said...

I love your pictures, but I've got to say, I love the query even more. This is so well done. And I really, really want to read this book!

She Writes said...

I so wish I was an expert who could tell you!

LR said...

Boy I wish agents would let us send "pictures" of our characters. If they knew that my heroine looks just like Kate Winslet, they'd surely ask for a partial. ;)

Piedmont Writer said...

Portia -- Thank you so very much. It's funny, I just read your blog from Wed. morning.

Leigh -- I know. I'm debating on whether or not to put this post in my next query letter.

Lady Glamis said...

Ooo, the men definitely strike my fancy! Well done!

Piedmont Writer said...

Michelle -- Thanks. Especially in tuxedos!

notesfromnadir said...

You did a great job of casting. It'll also help future readers when your book is published.

Anything with Russell Crowe in it will get my undivided attention! :)