Monday, May 10, 2010

It's My Belated Birthday Party

Good morning gentle readers, as I'm sure you can see I've changed my blog around again. I just couldn't handle the fake lighthouse so I went and found a real one. What do you think?

Today we will be celebrating my birthday which, unfortunately I couldn't do on Earth Day like I wanted to. We will have fun, we will have food and drinks, we will socialize. And I know it's Monday but for some strange reason I lost a day last week so I couldn't post this on Friday.

However, before we get started with the frivolities, I want to ask you, did you plant something green for Earth Day? As you know, or may not, Earth Day was founded in 1970 by Sen. Gaylord Nelson. He gave me my own holiday! Okay, maybe not, but what he did was create a day, to celebrate the Earth. In Native American tradition, Mother Earth doesn't belong to us, we belong to her. If we don't have her, then we don't have anything. We must protect her, and cherish her, and keep her alive. Because if we don't, bad things will happen. Look at the ozone, look at the volcanoes, look at the hurricanes. These things are happening because we pollute the air with our cars, and planes, and factories. (I don't even want to talk about the oil spill in the gulf.) We must help her to recover. It may not be done in our lifetime, but at least for the sake of our grandchildren, we must do all that we can NOW, to make a better tomorrow. So please, please, please, go plant something. Conserve the water when you brush your teeth, recycle, re-use, reduce. Every little bit helps.

Okay, I'm off my soap box, let the festivities begin.

First, here's where we'll be celebrating. It's quaint and I'd like it to be my home. Especially the kitchen.

Here's a picture of the back yard. I finally have twinkle lights. Pretty.

Here's what we'll be eating. I made everything myself.

Drinks are by the pool. Remember, keep your suits on until 9pm. The water's great.

This is my date. Isn't he just a dream? In more ways than one.

So, I want you all to have the best time. Frolic, eat, drink, be merry. And contrary to what DL might have told you, you are not required to help build the fence! I finished the fence this weekend and pictures will be forthcoming.

Oh yes, and feel free to guess my age. I wish I could give a prize to the winner, or maybe you'll all guess I'm really 32. Hee Hee. Have a lovely time at my party, I know with my date, I definately will.


Ryan said...

Umm... I've recently been wondering if Mother Nature might just be a six year old little girl that likes to play with the buttons. So, it might be a good idea to make lots of cookies and tempt her with them :)

Anyway...I'm hungry now...and why do I have to wait for swimsuits to be optional? Doesn't MB have to go to school today:)

Happy Belated Birthday and A Belated Mother Day to you:)

Christine Danek said...

Nice spread of food. I'm really hungry. Happy belated birthday and mothers day! The party is wonderful. I like the new look.

Jayne said...

How lovely! I like the way you have decorated your kitchen. And what beautiful food – am helping myself to a virtual platter being handed around by your handsome date. Such nice manners! Happy belated birthday! As for being green – I recycle as much as I can, don’t have a car so walk everywhere, and turn off appliances at the plug rather than leave them on stand-by - but am so aware I could try harder, do more. I want to plant some trees...!

Piedmont Writer said...

Ryan -- Yes, MB does have school but she'll be home at noontime. Besides, it's sexy swimming naked at night.

Christine -- Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Jayne -- I'm so glad you are already green. I think if I lived in the city I wouldn't drive either. As it is, we don't even have bus service. So I have to drive. Isn't my date just wonderful?

Kelly@ JustWrite said...

Count me in, but I'll show up at 9, when swimsuits are optional ;) Lol.

Matthew Rush said...

Sounds fun! Happy Birthday. That house looks like it needs a widow's walk.

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Yay! A party!! I love your house -- it's the bomb! Especially the kitchen and the pool. I'm so glad you made sushi; I've been craving it lately. You're definitely the hostess with the mostess :))

On Earth Day, we put in another flower garden. Mother Earth has spoiled us in Georgia with all this wonderful rain all Spring, so much that I don't think we'll have water restrictions this summer. We may be able to water the beds once the hot months arrive!

Happy Birthday, Anne!! And I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. (I loved you post on my blog, btw :))

Tara said...

Since hubby is out of town, can I bring Brandon?

That house, on the beach, in a town like the Gilmore Girls lived, is where I want to reitre. Ahhh, serenity.

Did someone make the cake or the party? I'm a great baker...

I planted blueberry plants and grapes this year, does that count?

I like the lighthouse photo much better than the other version.

Bossy Betty said...

That's weird because Tom said he would be MY date to your party.


Love the lighthouse and the venue. Happy Birthday to you!

VR Barkowski said...

Yay! I love celebrations! I do hope you had help preparing all this. It is your birthday fete after all - not fair to make you do all the work.

As for green, I walk and bicycle as much as possible, and recycle and reuse always. I haven't planted anything, but only because my allergies have got the best of me over the last several weeks.

I love the new look - gorgeous photograph. And what an awesome party. Thanks for including me!

Anonymous said...

I like the new format. Clean and easy on the eyes. And I love lighthouses. Happy belated Birthday!. Myself, I'm the same age as Jack Benny. And I'll bring the brownies.

Stephen Tremp

Piedmont Writer said...

Kelly -- You naughty naughty girl!

Matthew -- I know! Doesn't it! maybe I'll build one. If I can build a fence, I can build anything.

Nicole -- Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying the food. Thankfully, our drought is gone from all the snow and rain from the winter. I'll be planting my veggies very soon.

Tara -- You can bring anyone you'd like. And I know, I LOVE that house on Gilmore Girls. Everything counts if it goes in the ground.

Betty -- Now Betty, I already know you have a handsome hubby at home and I'm single and Tom's still single, soo.....

VR -- I love to cook for parties, so this was no big deal really. LOL.

Stephen -- Thanks, I love the new look too. I used to live near a lighthouse, with a foghorn so I thought this was aprapos. I used to be the same age as Jack Benny. And what's in the brownies????

Anonymous said...

My type of party; great food, lovely home, decorative lighting, and most of all, beautiful people including dreamy men. Happy Birthday!
Love the new format, and the lighthouse picture. A maritimer at heart, a lighthouse, and the sound of waves splashing against rocks makes me very happy.

Piedmont Writer said...

Lynn -- I grew up on the beach and miss it so very much. I wish I could go back but it's not in the cards right now, so a picture will have to do. Thanks for coming to the party.

Patti said...

Happy belated birthday, the food looks wonderful.

LR said...

Just hopped over from Tawna's blog. The lighthouse picture is lovely!

DL Hammons said...

Now that's what I call A PARTY!!! I've been wondering what would happen when you get a bunch of introverted writers together for a gathering. Would we all use our fingers to make quote signs everytime we spoke? :)


Crystal Cook said...

Happy Birthday, Mother's Day and you finished the fence day!! WOOT!!

And I am lovin this party, you are a mighty fine cook!

And I didn't get a chance to comment on the exerpt you posted last week, but I did read it and I loved it. You are seriously talented, you know that? ;) have a happy celebration!

B. Miller said...

Yay! Happy Birthday... this looks like a GREAT party! *makes a pitcher of margaritas and shares them around*

Wendy Ramer said...

I want that kitchen too, and the pool as well. As for the date, could you invite Hugh Jackman for me? Happy Belated Birthday to you AND Mother Earth!

lotusgirl said...

Happy B'day. I just had mine on Sat. We should have lunch and celebrate our glorious births. Happy Mother's Day too.

Crimey said...

Happy Birthday as well! :) I'm really hungry now, but I am posting around feeding time.

Talli Roland said...

Like the new blog lay-out! Clean and nice, how I like it!

Well oh my, it looks like you'll certainly have the happiest of birthdays! I'll be over with my suit in 5 minutes!

Piedmont Writer said...

Patti -- Thanks. Hope you have fun.

LR -- Thanks for stopping by.

DL -- Thanks. And the fence is finished so you don't have to help.

Crystal -- Aww thanks so much.

B. -- Hey, can you make a pitcher of virgin margherita's or is it too complicated?

Wendy -- Hugh it is!!! Everybody gets what they want on my birhtday.

Lois -- Yes, we must. Happy Birthday!

Crimey -- Well, help yourself.

Talli -- Thanks, love my new lighthouse. Suit or not, the water's great!!

Saumya said...

Happy Birthday!!!
All your pictures are so beautiful! Your place looks like a fairy tale. Have an incredible day (and night with your date ;) ).

Shannon said...

Happy belated birthday. I hope you enjoyed it!

Susan R. Mills said...

Happy Birthday! This is the best party ever!

Donna Hole said...

Love the new digs! The lighthouse pix caught my attention right off; its very pretty.

Happy late birthday. This is a great idea, thanks.

I've enjoyed the lunch time spread, but it's back to the grind.

Have a wonderful day.


Piedmont Writer said...

Saumya -- Thanks. It's a virtual reality but I can dream can't I?

Shannon -- Best birthday eva!

Susan -- Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Donna -- Thanks. Well, stop back by after you get off work. I'm sure the party will still be going on.

Paul C said...

Like the metaphor of the light house. And may your new year be filled with wonderful light.

Piedmont Writer said...

Paul -- Thank you so much. That's very sweet of you to say.

Cynthia Reese said...

Happiest of birthdays, and I so approve of your date -- love those dimples!

sarahjayne smythe said...

Beautiful post and I love the lighthouse you found. It's perfect here. :)

Piedmont Writer said...

Cynthia -- I so love that man! I wish he were mine for real!

Sarah Jayne -- Thank You Dearest. Kind of funny to have a lighthouse in the middle of North Carolina but it works for me. I love it so much I might even use it for my screen saver.

notesfromnadir said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful 32nd b'day! :)

I really like the plain and easy-to-read blog you have here. The real lighthouse looks great at the top of the page.

Awesome looking date. Always has been, probably always will be.

Nope, didn't plant a tree but fed a few birds. But I do that everyday.

Like your new house and hope you get it soon. That white kitchen is so clean and inviting. I want a kitchen like that, too!

Jen said...

I'm so sorry I'm late to the party! That just means I brought a bigger gift!!

Love the pool and nothing beats the spread and the those twinkly lights. My oh my you have truly outdone yourself! What a wonderful party and so many fun people to mingle with!

I hope it's okay that I brought my date Channing Tatum with me!

Melanie Sherman said...

Oh my gosh. Happpy daaaaay. I'm pulling up a chair next to Johnny Depp side of the pool. Thanks for inviting him. Oh wait, there goes Hugh Jackman. He's telling stories about the fun times he's had at your parties. He says you are hilarious and sexy at the same time. This is great.

Susan Fields said...

Happy birthday, Anne! You sure know how to throw a party, and I adore your kitchen! I think I'll pull a chair up next to Johnny Depp, too. :)

She Writes said...

Happy Birthday! I love everything but the man. And that is a good thing :). Two women who are friends shouldn't want the same man :)!

Alexis said...

Nice date! ;)
As for your party, I'm in.....twinkle lights, pool, amazing house and food = AWESOMENESS!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

The great thing about cyber-food : cyber-calories! And I hope you didn't mind me bringing Cate Blanchett. Her husband got an attitude. The nerve.

Happy Belated Birthday, Anne! It was my unBirthday. I celebrate those since I have more of those than birthdays. Have a great week, Roland

Piedmont Writer said...

LIsa -- Thank you so much. I hope you're having a good time.

Jen -- You may bring anyone you wish. As long as husbands' don't mind.

Melanie -- You should listen to anything Hugh says! Although I do throw a great party.

Susan -- Have fun!

Amy -- You are absolutely right. I'm glad I picked the right one then.

Alexis -- Thanks, welcome, come on in!

Roland -- Thanks for stopping by. Eat as much as you'd like then. Have a great week.

Shelley Sly said...

Hey Anne -- I'm sorry I missed this, but it looks like it was a blast! :D

Lady Glamis said...

Hehe, this is belated, and I totally missed it! Did everyone take off their swimsuits after 9?! That must have been fun. :)

I do like your new blog look. I love lighthouses!

Piedmont Writer said...

Shelley -- You're forgiven considering what happened to you! I saved you some cake.

Michelle -- Naked swimming! Yeah baby!

Palindrome said...

All that food looks amazing! I want it for my birthday!! *whine*

Anonymous said...
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