Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday's at the Piedmont Grille

Well friends, thank you so much for your enthusiastic response on the 'twist' at the end of yesterday's post. Like I said, it shocked me almost as much as it shocked you. In all the months of planning and writing this story, that had never entered my mind. I love it though because it will add so much more to the original angst.
Tony will definitely be a mess now, can you imagine, he finds out not only did his dead wife drive Genna away, she LIED about the reason...and to find out Genna was pregnant when she came back from Italy. I think I have some heavy duty writing to do.

Okay enough of that.

I'd like to give a nice Piedmont Writer welcome to some new friends -- Matthew, KLO, Jamie, AJ, Joanne, Stephanie and KM. The pool's open now, suits required, alcohol optional.

As you can see from my sidebar I received a few new awards as well. I've got to re-arrange my blog, reformat, it's too busy now and slowly driving me crazy so I can imagine what it's doing to you. I'm not into the 'modern' movement at all, my house is full of antiques (junk no one else wanted) but I think I'd like my blog to be sleek, kind of chrome and monochromatic. I don't know why, it's a phase I think. It's spring, I have to re-do my nest.

Hey, I've got a birthday coming up. Earth Day is my birthday. My Dad's too. He's going to be 70. I'm not telling how old I am. But if you'd like to guess, please do. (The picture up on the blog is from 2008 Christmas so it's fairly recent.) I'll be celebrating all month. (I guess now I know where my daughter gets it.)

Back to the awards for a second...I will be passing these along over the weekend so check back in to see if you get one. I like to hand them out, personal-like, instead of the sometimes free-for-all done on other blogs. I don't take those (although I'd really like to) I like to have mine given to me.

Roxy over at A Woman's Write is having a contest. Go now and see what it's all about.

And I'm sure there are a lot of other contests running but I'm not a big contest-information-giver. I figure everyone else does and why be redundant. (That's a really big pet peeve of mine, redundancy, although funny, when I write, I'm soooo shown yesterday on Roni's blog when she critted REMEMBERING YOU. I'm eating those words I wrote even as I type this.)

And so gentle readers, today was just a random thought post. I guess it could be filler. I don't know. Does anyone know what the filler days for blogs are? I thought it was Tues & Thurs but I'm not sure, some times it feels like Friday too with most of the BIG posts on Monday and Wednesday. Anyone have a clue?

Have a happy weekend and check back for the awards.


Matthew Rush said...

Hi Anne, thanks for all the updates about the contests. And thanks for welcoming me as a follower, I would love a drink poolside!

Shameless promotion:

Please visit my blog and comment today. I have a post by guest blogger Justine Dell where she shares an ACTUAL query letter of hers that found success.

She is a wonderfully lady, always willing to help another writer and I would really like her to get the recognition she deserves.


Piedmont Writer said...

Be right there!

Christi Goddard said...

I'm the same about 'everyone gets it!' award giving. I never take those. They don't feel earned. Lately I'm so scatterbrained that I know I've gotten awards around blogosphere, but I can't remember where :-) I plan to research this weekend and track them down.

sarahjayne smythe said...

Hi, Anne. Happy Friday. :) I know what you mean about awards. I seem to be a real slacker about giving them, too. I try to keep track of who gave me what, but by the time I post it seems everyone has the award and we've all moved on to something new and shiny. I really am a slacker.

And hey, if you were serious about your offer to send me Genna and Tony, I'd love to read it. You can shoot me an email if you'd like. :)

DL Hammons said...

How about a random comment for a random thought post? You're awesome! :)

Falen said...

ugh it drives me a little crazy with so many big posts on mondays - it takes me HOURS to read them all, and i'm always busy at work.
But then of course i tend to do a big post on mondays too.
My hypocrisy knows no bounds...

Tara said...

Happy Random Friday :) My Fridays are usually random Incubus videos, but today I participated in the blogfest instead.

Have a great weekend.

Cynthia Reese said...

Your house sounds a bunch like mine, except I presume yours is a little less messy than mine. I look at magazine and television pix of modern homes with Zen-like bareness, and I long for the simplicity -- for about five minutes, not long enough to actually get a good declutter going!

Summer said...

I feel like every day at my blog is random post day. But I'm okay with that.

I have some awards out there too that I need to hunt down...

I'll take SPF 100 and a mango margarita, por favor!

Shelley Sly said...

Hmmm... I never really plan when I post (especially lately since I've hardly had the chance) but I've been wondering if I should start a blog schedule. I like your Piedmont Grille posts on Fridays, nice and relaxing in time for the weekend. :)

Piedmont Writer said...

Christi -- After we give out the awards we'll hang by the pool. It's 87 here today and my lawn tractor is broken so I can't mow...oh pooh. Just the perfect excuse.

Sarah Jayne -- Slacker Slacker!!!! I'll send it over in a minute. Mind it's not finished, I've still got some holes to fill in but I'll take a crit.

DL -- Right back at ya babe!

Sarah A -- Well, I'll post little posts on Monday from now on that way you won't have to spend so much time on mine. I won't make you think anymore.

Tara -- Yeah, I've got to get over and read it. Or did I already? I've lost hours somewhere.

Cynthia -- I'll trade you clutter for clutter. I've got 3 dogs and a 5yr. old. Oh and a cat.

Summer -- Hunt'em down girl! Mango it is!!!

Shelley -- My blog schedule flew out the window as soon as I decided to do it. I only really have three days where I get my act together -- Monday, Thursday is my Something-Something, and Friday at the Grille. But not every Friday is fun and not every Monday is informative. The only consistency I have now is Thursday because if I don't post something about Genna and Tony people will hunt me down. You included I think. LOL

Piedmont Writer said...
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Piedmont Writer said...
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Piedmont Writer said...
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Piedmont Writer said...

Talli -- Thanks, I'm sorry it's still raining.

Jen said...

I try not to do the free for all awards but sometimes it takes a few weeks to get them out! However then they mean that much more!

Have a fabulous Easter weekend!

Wendy aka Quillfeather. said...

Talking about awards, I'm thinking of posting a sign on my blog saying 'Undeserving Award Blogger'. Honestly, I have so many I need to attend to, it simply makes my head spin.

Would much rather give than receive. Work that out.

Enjoy your weekend, Anne :)

Piedmont Writer said...

Jen -- Happy Weekend.

Wendy -- I really need to 'do' something with them, make them smaller or something. They're just so, fantastic yes, but BIG. I need them smaller. I get to give away to 25 or 30 people this weekend so pahtay!
Happy Weekend.

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I've been out gardening all day in the hot sun with hubby and the kids, but I wanted to pop over and read your post and say hi :)

Have a fantastic Easter! Looking forward to celebrating your birthday all month :))

KLo said...

I thought this was a great post ... random and mellow at the same time :-) Loved your piece over at Roni's and am enjoying your blog too.

Piedmont Writer said...

Nicole -- Yeah, me too. I was out trying to mow the grass and then weed-wack. At least I got sunburned. Happy Easter!

KLo -- Thanks. I am kind of mellow. Thanks, yeah Roni's was a blast.

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Hi! Me again :) I wanted you to know something quirky happened with your post for today. I see it on Google Reader, but it doesn't look complete and it isn't showing up on your blog page. Thought you'd want to know!


Donna Hole said...

Any day you feel like randomness is a good day to post it. And, keep it up until you feel like saying something.

That's just me. You know how I hate schedules.

I post regularly on Sunday, Monday and one other day during the week. The random day is usually just to put something up to remove what been there too long. I'm trying to put something writerly/helpful during the week, but it doesn't always work out.

I'm a slacker. Is there an award for that?!?

Have a great weekend Anne.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks for the encouraging words you put into your comment on my blog -- and for reading down into it -- that is highly gratifying for someone who sometimes wonders if anyone is listening.

May one of your dreams come true this upcoming week, Roland

Susan Fields said...

Happy birthday month! My oldest daughter's birthday is Earth Day as well - a good day to be born. And congrats on your awards - they're well deserved!

Kelly@ JustWrite said...

Hey, it's my birthday month too, so I'll be celebrating with you! I bet you're turning 25, just like me ;)

Happy Easter, Anne!

Palindrome said...

When you're following over a hundred blogs...every day is big! *sigh*