Monday, November 4, 2013

What We Are -- A Gift Before I Go

Good Morning. I had a very interesting discussion with some friends at school the other day and I thought I would share it with you before I take off for the month. I'm going to hit the keyboard for my own version of NaNo. With my research finished, I need to concentrate on writing Richard's story. I kept telling myself I wanted to get his book done by Thanksgiving and just look at the time....

As you all know, the release of my book WHEN SUCH FRIENDS WERE MET was for the school. A fund raising event, so to speak. The book's characters were based on people at the school and family and friends of the two teachers who won the prize. One of the lesser characters was a woman named Mrs. Joyner -- who is the cafeteria lady at the school. Debbie had no idea I had put her in the book until it was published.

Anyway, she bought a copy and read the book. I hadn't spoken to her in awhile and last Friday I went down to the caf to find Melissa. Well, Debbie was there and hugged me and told me how fantastic the book was, how fabulous it was to be a part of it all, and what a wonderful writer I was.

I said thank you, of course, but brushed it off. I don't think of myself as anything other than a Jane Austen wanna-be. I'm not a New York bestselling author. I haven't gotten onto any lists in famous newspapers. I just write my books and am exceedingly grateful to the readers who buy them.

Debbie continued to heap on the praise -- telling me I'm so smart that I could write such a great book. How hard it must be to do all that research. How wonderful it is that I can take just simple words and turn them into such a creative endeavor.

Melissa then jumped into the conversation and said that she could never do anything like that. She loves to read (and has read all my books) but she couldn't write. "I think all you writers out there are gifts from God. You think up these stories and share them with the world. Without you guys, the world would be a very dull place. All we would have is television. So boring."

So, there you have it. We -- writers -- are gifts from God. Isn't that nice?

Tell me -- What's the best compliment you've ever gotten about your writing?

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll see you when I get back.

Anne Gallagher (c) 2013