Thursday, January 28, 2010

Surprise in the E-mail

And so yesterday I was overwhelmed with the responses I received in the comments section. Thank you all so much for stopping by. It's so gratifying to know I have you all in my corner. I promise, once I get my files together and my desk re-organized, I will find and 'friend' every one of you if I haven't already.

Also, an interesting and like totally freaking awesome thing happened yesterday and I'm going to tell you about it because it also bears warning. Remember how I brought up a particular agent's name in my post yesterday, how I told you his reccomendation on how to query, 10 out, 5 back, 5 out...well, last night I received an e-mail from him in my personal e-mail account thanking me for the kind words I bestowed on him. Yeah, well, I went totally nuts and scared my daughter jumping around and screaming, "He sent me an e-mail, he sent me an e-mail." Isn't that just totally insane??? However here's the warning, just be careful what you write about agents and/or publishers and/or anyone because obviously he google read his name or has some thingy on his computer that lets him know when someone is talking about him and well, it's a good thing I only said I loved him and he was a genius. I also think he's got the google police because he's got 4 or 5 writing books to his name so if I quoted him without giving his reference I might have been in a lot of trouble. So my friends, be careful who you talk about and if you do, give the correct reference. (The article I took the information off was an interview he did with the Hartline agency -- two questions were on his blog, the rest of the interview was on their's. Go to his blog to find it. www. guide to literary agents. com. You know how to do it.) And if you don't already have him in your blog roll, do it. He's a genius and knows everything and everybody.)

Anyway, I also received one form rejection. I'm sort of sad, I was kind of hoping she would have at least wanted a chapter. Oh well. On to the next.

And I went back into Ellis' story. I haven't done anything with him and Violet since I decided to rework Masquerade. God almighty thank me it's a first draft. I have to completely re-do the beginning, and after reading another agent blog last night, I might have to re-do the whole premise. IF worse comes to worse, I could chuck it and finish Richard & Amanda, that's historical with a lot of research.
Or I could bang out (no pun intended) Genna & Tony. That should actually be a lot easier because (I know I'm not supposed to say this, but I'll tell you because you guys are my friends) I'm pulling from my own experience, and even though it's fiction, it's not. Sort of. And it's contemporary, I don't have to worry about saying, 'indeed' or 'pray, tell me'. And who knows maybe if I get that done before Easter I could query that as well as Masquerade. It's not unheard of to be working for two different publishing houses, besides I have a slew of pseudonyms under my belt just for the occasion. One for historical, one for contemporary, one for YA.
I'm crazy like that.

Lastly, I'm going to clean my office today. IT IS A MESS. From order to chaos, chaos to order. When I'm working on something, I pile up research notes, dialogue, settings, random things that go in or out of the book. But now the book is done, complete, out to query, I can put all that stuff away, make hard copies of the stuff I need, put those away, and close the file. Once the office is clean, I may begin afresh. I do the same thing with my house work. It piles up and piles up and finally when I can't stand the mess anymore, I become Mrs. Clean and go nuts. However I do have to say, I do keep up the the vacuuming 3x's a week because I can't stand it. Dishes, laundry, not so much.

Have a lovely day gentle readers. And be careful who you quote.


Lady Glamis said...

Wow, you've been busy! Yes, we should all be careful about anything we say online, I agree. But this turned out well for you! :)

Dominique said...

It's so cool that he emailed you. I guess it's true that anything in the blogosphere can find it's way around.

Sorry about the rejection. Don't take it too hard. There's other fish in the sea.