Sunday, December 6, 2009

Working Again

I feel like a superhero. After cleaning my desk, I cleaned my house, after that I had nothing to do because everything was clean, Small One was with her father so I sat down to write.

2237 was the final count on the wordometer last night at ten o'clock. Current WIP, the second romance in the series. This has my favorite hero, Ellis. I love Ellis. Have you ever fallen in love with one of your characters? I feel badly for Ellis; he loves his nanny but he has to marry someone else and his angst is palpable. Will he wed the Countess or the Nanny? Will he bow again to the mores of Society, or will he go for the LOVE? Of course you know, but stay tuned, Ellis is going on a bumpy ride.

I also went trawling a bit last night and read Miss Travelers blog...whereupon someone has given her the advice, write what you love, write what you want, just plain write. Her issue was "how do I know it's good?" Well, the truth is, you don't. You'll never know until you decide to send it out for publication and if that's not your aim, then write whatever you want. As long as you like it, who cares what the rest of the world thinks.

And so gentle readers, on this absolutely freezing Sunday morning I bid you good day. I am going to see if Violet (the nanny) can make it through the waltz with Ellis without tripping them and causing a scene. We also meet the Contessa. Hmmmm

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