Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weather Related Part Two

I spoke with my mother yesterday morning. She is not coming in until 8:21 Thursday night, into Charlotte. She is on the last flight, on the last plane, heading anywhere remotely south. She also has a layover in Newark, so if she makes it to NC at all I'll be very surprised.

I hope this teaches her not to fly so close to Christmas. I guess I forgot to tell her I asked for snow so the Small One could sled. Oh well. Now my penance is, I have to drive over 3 hours to get her and bring her back. Not to mention, it will be night, it will be raining, and I've never been to Charlotte airport. This little adventure will also ruin the plans I had with the Small One and her father for Christmas Eve. (He might be an ex but we pull it together for Christmas.)

Fie on me.

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