Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cleaning House

After my post yesterday in which I admitted I don't know Jack, I cleaned my office. I didn't realize it needed it until it was spotless. I didn't realize what the clutter was doing...cluttering my head.

I had notes and papers, a thesaurus and other reference books, two half empty bottles of water, an empty box of tissue, a rubber snake, harmonica, flute, three pair of glasses and a very stale chocolate chip cookie under all the piles of paper. I also had about 1000 little sticky notes stuck to the table for quick reference to about 3 different stories. Needless to say, I had to create 3 new paper files for all the clutter.

But Boy Howdy do I feel better. I know, I know. I do this all the time. I let things go until I lose my mind then I do a BIG clean-up and my mind becomes clean. And it did. Just like that. Snap. Putting everything in its place, not only on my desk, but in my mind, rearranges my priorities, settles the dust and lets me SEE the big picture. I am now FOCUSED.

Well, sort of. I'm focused on where I want the 2 current WIP to go, now I just have to sit down and write them. I also picked up an old favorite romance last night and read it through just to see what I'm doing wrong in my finished work and I think I found the major problem(s). TA DA.

I FEEL so much better. The stress is somewhat alleviated, the brain cells are firing on at least 7 cylinders, the knot is gone from the back of my neck. I have the vision and the clarity and the focus now to SEE what I'm doing. It's a great relief.

Now, if I can just get the Small One to leave me alone for an hour or two to let me get some of my thoughts down in Word I'd have all 8 cylinders firing.

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