Friday, December 18, 2009


Just thought I'd let you all know, it's snowing here in North Carolina, projected totals are between 4-8" in the Piedmont with more in the higher elevations, that's me. It has totally panicked the county. I think it's funny. I lived in Rhode Island on the beach for most of my life and getting snowed in was part of the adventure. One winter I got snowed in 27 times. Nary an electrical outage either.

The Small One is in Heaven. I finally found a sled yesterday at the hardware store and let me tell you how many bread bags, mittens, and pair of socks we have gone through. She is happy so I am happy. I also told her I ordered the snow just for her from Santa Claus for Christmas so I win the 'Most Awesome Mommy in the World' title for today. I hope God doesn't mind.

Anyway, Ellis and Violet have now had their first kiss and it was fantastic. Just the right amount of trepidation, the right amount of lip (no tongue, not yet anyway) and the right amount of angst. I love angst. (I think it's actually the word and not the feeling so much.)

I'm not writing like a crazed banshee, I haven't the time, but I'm slowly making progress, about 2-4 pages a day. Hopefully by the end of the holidays, I'll have another chapter done.

So, wherever you are, drive carefully, they haven't even started plowing, because, they only have one plow in the whole state and it's at the airport.


Lady Glamis said...

Wow about snow! And one snowplow? Seriously? Wow.

Darcy doesn't have a sled, but she's been okay without one. We'll for sure get one for her next year. There's always snow here. Sigh.

Piedmont Writer said...

I'm almost only kidding about the plow but last night one got stuck on the highway and caused a 57 car pile up that had motorists stuck. State troopers with 4 wheel drive had to rescue a bunch of them.

They never have snow like this here so everyone panics. No one knows how to drive in it even with 4 wheel drive, even with a great big huge snow plow truck. That just tells you what kind of state I'm living in and why I want to leave.

Lady Glamis said...

Really? I think I'd like it in N.C. I think if I had a choice of anywhere to live on the East Coast it would be there. :)