Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rainy Sunday Morning

I haven't been writing. I'm sort of stuck again. I have too much personal crap going on because of the holidays. I want them to be over so I can get my life back. My schedule. My child in playschool for 3 hours a day.

I fiddled around with my blog again this morning and added some more stuff to the content. More blogs I follow, an excuse for my books. I feel as long as my fingers are on the keyboard at some point, I can claim I'm working. I know how wrong that is but I have to convince myself I'm contributing.

So far in the story, Ellis has met Georgiana again, after all these years, and Violet is convinced Georgiana is the right woman for him. Violet knows she can't compete in the marriage mart and so decides to flee, from London, from her sisters, from the love she feels for Ellis. It's so tragic. I know, isn't it great. Now I've just got to figure out who Violet is going to marry. Boy Howdy, what a mess there will be at the church!!! Wait til Ellis hears about it and what he does. His father will have an apopolectic fit!

This is why I love writing. I get to create characters sort of like Aris in my daughter's Sinbad movie. She manipulates the mortals to her whim. It's fun.

Anyway, maybe I'll be able to write some more today but I'm not counting on it. I kind of promised I would put up the Christmas decorations. UGH!!! I am such a grinch.


Dominique said...

Ooh, the authoress as the goddess of chaos. I like that image.

Lady Glamis said...

Good luck with more writing today! I haven't written anything today except this comment. Sigh.