Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I spoke to some friends yesterday and they said that 5500+ words over the course of two days was an accomplishment. I didn't really think so because I have nothing for comparison, I just thought 'it's what I do when I have peace and quiet and the Small One isn't around.' But I guess it is and now I think I want to say, thank you Scott and Michelle for recognizing that. It IS an accomplishment. I know I sat at the computer from 4 - 10pm on Saturday and 7am - 3pm on Sunday. And all I did was write. The words were flowing (and not all of them crap) and I could have written more but my neck and wrists were starting to really bother me. (I have the wrong chair for my desk - I'm really hoping Santa will find his way to Staples and get me a new one- adjustable with lumbar support and arms)

In a previous post I asked "What kind of employee am I that I can't sit at my computer and do my job?" Well, obviously I CAN do my job, I just have to get rid of my child. No, I'm kidding. I think she's what keeps my neck and wrists from hurting most of the time (Mommy can I have...can you get...I want...I need) She keeps me from settling too much into my chair...but also too much into my story so I constantly lose my train of thought. (And this weekend's absence was a one-time thing so I know I'll never have such a bountiful amount of time again.)

It's nice to know I CAN write the way I want, which it seems I've been doing all along but not really KNOWING it, you know. I guess I just have to grab whatever time I have and really, really utilize it, (which I do) but now that I'm aware of it, I can do it more. And not answer the phone. Yesterday morning I answered the phone and although it was a call I was waiting for (no, sorry, not THE call) I lost 45 minutes and my train of thought so we still haven't met the countess.

We have SEEN the countess and have heard ABOUT the countess and her relationship with Ellis but we haven't MET the countess. But we will, oh yes we will and it's going to throw a bunch of water on a bunch of major players. Especially when James finds out She's back.


Lady Glamis said...

Oh, I certainly know what all that "get me this, get me that" is about. It's one of the reasons it takes me so long to write ANYTHING. If I had uninterrupted time I think I could get out a fair amount of words or do some great editing. I think my mom's thinking of taking my daughter for a few days here shortly. I seriously can't wait. I love my daughter, but you know, I get tired!

Piedmont Writer said...

I hear you from ten million miles away. I love her like there's no tomorrow but PLEASE I just need some "me" time BIG time.