Saturday, November 21, 2009


Mr. Bailey says I need to get some work done. I know I do as well. I just want to say that even if I'm not writing, per se, at the keyboard, I do have pen and paper on hand to jot down notes, scenes, dialogue. I even keep paper and pen in the bathroom, which the munchkin thinks is funny but you never know where inspriation will strike.

I worked on the outline for the YA I'm still trying to write. I actually finished it too. The outline. I wonder if I could use it as a synopsis. Anyway, I usually never do that. I'm generally a panster and find sticking to a 'formal' script blows my creativity apart. But this book needs some kind of structure. The word count is different, the plot is small, the characters are one-dimensional, okay maybe two dimensional. The chapters have now been plotted out and it seems easy enough to just sit down and write it. Maybe not.

I've also been working on Book 2 of the romance genre. I have no outline for that. I'll write the synopsis at the end of the book.

I'm also developing another little something something that may or may not make it to the front burner. I'm searching for my voice, and damned if I know where it is. Is that why I can't settle in to write just one thing, is that why I have so much angst with a little thing like a YA. Is that why I'm falling apart every time I turn around?

All in the search for a 'voice'.

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