Monday, November 9, 2009

NaNoWriMo Update & A Big Fat Shout Out

Well, as you know I was very excited about NNWM. I was very excited about the story I was going to tell. I was very excited about the word count. I was even very excited about filling the big gaping hole in Chapter Three. Until last Wednesday.

The munchkin got sick, double ear infection. No school Weds. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.
The five thousand words I could have written, even with the big gaping hole, are not there. I am devastated. It's my own fault, but you have to do what you have to do.

I didn't get a shot to even get on the computer for more than 20 mins. a day so I read some blogs. I found new ones, I went back to old ones, I did some research for the big gaping hole, I checked some more blogs.

It seems I am committing the first cardinal sin, I am not writing. (Yes, but my child was sick, still is to tell the truth, but she went to school anyway. She's not that sick and she needs school. And I need the solitude. It's only 3 hours, it's not like I sent her to "real" school.)

Anyway, as I've been cruising around the web, I guess it doesn't matter what I'm doing, as long as I've been 'working'. It's all for the sake of the book. It's all about the writing. I've found other writers at one point or another, going through, dealing with the same angst, anxiety, gaping holes, hang-ups, rejection, progress, that I've been going through. Don't let'em shit ya'. Writing is hard work. As my munchkin says, quite frequently by the way, "It's all in my brain." She's cute that way. Wisdom from an almost 5 year old.

(By the way, I don't generally abbreviate my words for Capital Initials. I'm a writer, perhaps too old school for this new fangled thing called 'text'. If I wanted to do that kind of writing I would have been a stenographer.)

To get back to the WIP -- I've had some brilliant ideas, I just need to get them down. Today is Mon. and I've got to get this blog done. Then I've got to pick up the small one, bank, post office, scratch that, today is Veteran's Day. Can we have a moment of silence please.

Thank you. Then hopefully I can sit her in front of the TV for a little while and I can get some work done. I actually did have a brilliant idea over the weekend and I've been dying to get it down. Which you may ask, surely you must have paper and pen, scratch it down that way. Gentle reader, I did. Now I just need to transcribe it. Maybe I should have been a stenographer, at least paid more attention in business class.

But I digress...Now, let me say a big fat Piedmont Writer/Anne Gallagher thank you to Davin Malasarn from the Literary Lab for stopping by my humble blog over the weekend. It's nice to finally have a "friend" (I refuse to say "follower" I'm not running a cult.) Thank you for the lovely comments, they really helped my writing "mood". I appreciate the warm welcome, truly, it's nice to be able to share my thoughts with people who understand what I'm saying. I'm a very small fish in a very prejudiced pond out here and finding people with whom you have a kinship is better than totally f***ing awsome. Dude.

And Scott G. F. Bailey. It was nice to hear from you as well. Thanks for stopping by, even if you do steal my Proper Names. LOL (Okay, sorry, one instance where I abbreviate.) And I really have to say, that Halloween post was FANTASTIC!! LOVED IT!!

Okay, so there it is. My Post for the day. 10:17 am. I must get on to other things now. Have a great day!! Remember our veterans. My Uncle Jake fought in WWII. He was a mechanic.


Davin Malasarn said...

Thanks first to your Uncle Jake and the other veterans. You've still got plenty of days left to finish the book! I'm doing Nano, and have been stuck on a scene for the last three days, but I'm not losing hope. We can do it!

Piedmont Writer said...

Thanks Davin for all your lovely comments. I truly do appreciate them. I read another blog and the girl said she wrote a complete first draft in 15 days. Totally awesome of course. But she also said she was so blinded by the writing she left the care of the home/children to her husband, which is something I don't have right now.

I have every intention of finishing, I just have to start again. I found the filler for the big gaping hole, now I just have to have the quiet to sit down and get to it. oh the frustration of having teacher conferences for 3 days this week as well as munchkin being sick for the last week.

Yes, we can do it. I know we can.