Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Something - Something

Well, here it is. Genna & Tony's "sex" scene. For those of you who remember, Genna went to see Nana Rocco the second day she arrived home. This scene is out of context for those of you who've been following the story (and many thanks to those of you who are) but I thought it was important that Genna have some more angst to deal with. And as Les says, if you don't have an inciting incident right from the get-go, well, what's the point. So here it is. It's kind of long, but I wanted you to also see the set-up. So you can see that I do write something other than dialogue.

Rating -- PG 13 Language

And remember, this will only be up for two days, or until I leave for vacation. And it's a first draft.


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j.m. neeb said...

This was very well done, especially for a first draft. I think you've struck a nice balance between dialogue and narrative. You've certainly given Genna more to deal with and I rather like the way you did so. :)

Summer said...

Now that's some great angst! Tony really felt sleezy to me during this. I'm solidly on Team Pete now!!

Elliot Grace said...

...good stuff, Anne:)

A romp in the sac...to blowing your Wheaties in the street. It reads like a guy's book, which, from a guy, is an accomplishment, considering the majority of new releases are not.
Nice job.

Piedmont Writer said...

j.m. -- Thank you. I had to do something with Genna. The further along I got into the story, she just didn't have enough to think about.

Summer -- Thanks, that's exactly what I was going for!

Elliot -- Thank you good sir, Genna is not a 'typical' female. She even pees outside if need be.

Bossy Betty said...

Hummmm...Tony.....I don't know about him.....

Jen said...

Wowza!!!! Anne I'm so glad I visited today to make sure I got to see it before your writerly instincts kicked in and you took it down!!!!

Tony is sort of a creepy guy... eek!!! I'm with Summer on this one, GO TEAM PETE!!!

Your writing is awesome, I can't tell you enough!

Talli Roland said...

Spicy! Sleazy (Tony, anyway). I suddenly don't like him!

The Words Crafter said...

I believe you rattled her cage a bit....Tony seems...I'm not sure. Something....yeah, I like Pete, fer sure!

Piedmont Writer said...

Betty -- I'm not sure about him yet either.

Jen -- He wasn't supposed to be creepy when I first began writing him, it just seems he's turned out that way.

Talli -- See, you can't know what he's all about until you read what he's done. I should have written this scene a long time ago.

Words -- He is 'something' just not sure what.

sarahjayne smythe said...

I love the ending where she throws up after the wild night. Tony is a creeper. :)

February Grace said...
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February Grace said...

Sorry- double signed the first one!

Wow- I can't believe that was a first draft. I am so glad i got to see it before you take it down and i hope you have a good trip.

The line about how he undressed her was very poignant- brought a lump to my throat.

Good stuff, Anne. Very, very, very good stuff!

you definitely proved that you can back up your real romance philosophy with the goods! ladies and gentleman, romance lives.


notesfromnadir said...

Really a great writing style. Was hooked at once. Realistic diaglogue, & it must be fun for you to write this as it's the opposite of your regency romance type of writing.

I was surprised by the end.

Oh, & Tony is not my favorite character. I wonder when he'll call her? You got me curious about what's gonna happen!