Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who Would You Choose -- An Informal Poll

As a romance writer, it constantly amazes me how people get together in real life. What is the secret of attraction? Some scientists say it's phermones. Some gurus say it's karmic law. Most people say it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

This is a picture of Dr. and Mrs. Alan Simpson.

I worked for them for five of the best years
of my life. They were married for 67 years.
Whenever I look at this picture I
automatically think of LOVE.

Real love. True love. The Best Love.

Tracy at Forever Endeavor does a post once a week called 'Would You Rather' and I think it's kind of wild. She gives us a choice to make between two options and boy howdy, let me tell you some of the questions are mind blowing.

So, today, I'm having an informal poll, strictly as a fun writing device for me. I want to see what real people think about love and the choices they make in it. And if you want to leave an anonymous comment you may. I don't want anyone getting upset if their spouses find out what they really think.

As I have more female friends than male, I have written the questions for the gender. But please, if you are a man, do let me know and reverse the gender accordingly.

Okay, here goes -- Who Would You Choose?

A) A moderate looking man, with moderate intelligence and is kind, sincere, and works hard. He shows you the most comfortable love.

B) A gorgeous man, with limited intelligence and is a bad boy. He shows you the most exciting love.

C) An ugly man, with exceptional intelligence and expects perfection. He shows you the most passionate love.

D) A gorgeous man, with exceptional intelligence, and is kind, sincere and works hard. Yet he never shows you love. However, it is understood he loves you.

I'm sorry we can't mix and match these up, otherwise we'd find the perfect man. And to those of you who have, good for you.

So tell me -- who would you choose?


Matthew Rush said...

Assuming I can replace 'man' with 'woman' I would have to go for D. I'm not much of a lovey-dovey person, and prefer some autonomy, but I also prefer to be intellectually stimulated in a relationship.

Anne Gallagher said...

Matt -- Thank you very much for being first and for giving such an authentic answer.

Hannah Kincade said...

I would probably pick D. I don't need all the showy stuff, it makes me uncomfortable. I get my own perfect brand of attention right now. It's the first time I went for someone who has those things I can't live without vs what I can live with. Great post! I love questions and trains of thought like this.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

A. Mostly because I'm married to him. B is great for books, but not for real life . . . unless he transforms into someone not so bad.

Geesh, and I thought Tracy's was tough today. ;)

Anne Gallagher said...

Hannah -- Those things I can't live without vs. what I can live with. Great line.

Stina -- B is great for books. Aren't they all this way? Tracy's was easy for me. I saw it happen to someone and the end was just tragic and so very very sad.

Tracy said...

A tough question AND a shout out? This is the most perfect blog post ever!! ;o)

Hmmm. D still comes with sex right? Just not the more romantic "I love you" expressions and stuff, right? If so, I choose him. As long as I know he loves me, he doesn't have to say or prove it. I'm far more interested in a man I can't get enough of looking at while he dazzles me with his wit.

Linda G. said...

Huh. Tough.

Probably A. There's a lot to be said for "comfortable love." :)

Stephanie M. Lorée said...

A. Not even a choice.

Katie Mills said...

ugh. I'd pick the first one. I've had the second and it wasn't all it's cracked up to be. I need affection so I wouldn't want the last option. and any man ugly or pretty who expects perfection is in for deception with me.

Kulsuma said...

I wish I could find A, mostly because I don't like bad boys and passion can fade quickly.

Anne Gallagher said...

Tracy -- You got the ball rolling for me. Yes, D still comes with sex but no PDA. Or HDA -- Home displays.

Linda -- There is more than enough to be said for A.

Stephanie -- A girl who knows her mind.

Katie -- Funny how our answers change when we've already lived through it.

Kulsuma -- I wish I could find A too.

Joanne Brothwell said...

I think I'd go with A. Maybe I'm too shallow to go with the ugly man. The gorgous man would be difficult to survive, showing love is a must. The hot bad boy - too much work.

Stacy McKitrick said...

I choose A.

I don't want someone who expects perfection, cause I ain't got it.
I dont' want someone who is exceptionally intelligent, I'd feel dumb.
And I'm not comfortable with someone who looks better than I do.
Besides, there's nothing wrong with comfort!

Bish Denham said...

I married A and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Bossy Betty said...

I'll take A. I almost took the ugly choice, but I'll stick with A.

Patti said...

I agree with everyone else (A). And like Stina said, B is good for books not real life.

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I'm married to Choice A! How funny!! The only romances I've had in my life were all A's, but I've had a couple wild flings with B's. *sigh* ...good times...

I don't think I could have lasting love with someone I wasn't physically attracted to...whether he was ugly in a traditional sense or just an ugly soul. If that makes any sense, lol. Physical attraction is an important component in the Love equation, when I'm talking about a long-lasting relationship.

Fun post, Anne!

Anne Gallagher said...

Joanne -- Your explanations are compelling.

Stacy -- No, there is nothing wrong with comfort. Especially in yoga pants.

Bish -- You lucky woman you.

Betty -- HOB must be a very happy man.

Patty -- B is for Books.

Nicole -- B's are good for flings. Thanks for stopping by. It's always good to see you.

roxy said...

I'd choose A. Moderate everything plus he's kind and loving is still pretty good! Fun post.

Anne R. Allen said...

I've been involved with men of all those categories, but I wouldn't say I chose them. They kind of chose me. Or fate/stars/karma/ whatever did.

Now I'm single and I don't think I'd chose any of them. Give me an fun old dude who has collected a full set of mistakes and learned from them. Oh, yeah--and what Aretha Franklin said R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

But I'm not sure that makes good fiction.

VR Barkowski said...

Nothing bores me more than a bad boy. When they were handing out the attraction to bad boys gene, I must have been in the restroom. Unfortunately, I do have a perverse attraction to intellect, the higher the IQ the better. I don't think I could be happy with someone with moderate intelligence. And I'm about the least lovey-dovey person on the planet (unless you're a dog or cat), so by process of elimination, D.

Interesting post, Anne!

jbchicoine said...

Heheheh...Funny...I read these to my husband, (reversing the gender, of course) and gave him the choice. He asked, "How old am I?"

Age is a factor, I think. I don't like the choices, but if I HAD to choose one, at my age, I'd go for A. I could live with that.

Anne Gallagher said...

Roxy -- Thanks. It is a fun post.

Anne -- I hear you. They don't make the men of the kind I'm looking for.

VR -- I hear you. The more intelligent, the harder I fall.

Bridget -- I LOVE that you asked your husband and I totally LOVE that he asked "How old am I?" Age is definitely a factor for all of us I think.

The Words Crafter said...

I would have to pick A because I need stability. Fortunately, my honey is cute and he is a rock when I'm all scattered.

LOVE this questionnaire!

Lydia K said...
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Lydia K said...

D is good for me. I'm not great at PDA, anyway!

Anne Gallagher said...

Becky -- A is always good for stability.

Lydia -- I'm not good at it either.

Amy DeTrempe said...

A. That is the type to last a lifetime - passion and excitement can fizzle and who wants to be with someone where it is understood. This was fun.

Elliot Grace said...

...lovin your post, Anne:)

Flip the genders, and I'm selecting A. Actually, I already have...and we've been married for 15 years.
That was fun!


Christi Goddard said...

I’m married to A, and I’m good with that. I’ve had B, and ‘exciting love’ included drugs and violence. Pass. I wouldn’t want C because he wants perfection and his constant disappointment in me would piss me off. I’m too jealous for a D because I’d always be worried he’s looking elsewhere if he’s so hawt. Plus, exceptional intelligence equals ‘douchebag who has to prove me wrong all the time.’ Also, I’m one of those annoying perpetrators of PSA.