Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something - Something

Back to the drama. Today's installment is the first date between Genna & Pete. Let's see what happens, shall we?

Disclaimer -- Rating R - strong language and as always, this is a first draft.

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Matthew Rush said...

Great work Anne. I don't read Romance or Contemporary Women's Lit - it's just not my thing - but your scenes always keep me curious AND entertained.

Ariel Swan said...

Yeah - nice job. I like your protag - she seems strong and independent - but still in need of understanding. I was curious as to why Pete suddenly cooled off though. He seemed pretty intuitive and forthcoming with this assessment of her at dinner.

Summer said...

Oh NO!!!! PETE!!!!

You better just be teasing us!

Amie B said...

nice work!

and i agree with summer (about pete) better just be teasing us!

Piedmont Writer said...

Matthew -- Thanks so much. You know, that's really nice coming from a man. And I don't mean that in a derogatory way. I appreciate that a man can read women't fiction and like it.

Ariel -- Ah, the plot twist. Pete has his issues with Genna that you haven't seen yet.

Summer and Amie -- Because as you know, I only post excerpts, and not from the same chapters, although they are in chronological order, you miss a lot in between what I've written and what I've posted. How do you think I'm going to get you to buy my book when it's published? I'm just a flirtatious little tease, didn't you know.

Crimey said...

Anne, I was a litle heartbroken about Pete's change of heart. They seemed cute for each other, but I think she really overloaded him for a first date.

Side note: I think I remember you said you'd been querying a Regency and I saw that L Perkins had a new website and happened to see that one of the agents was looking for Regency.

The Words Crafter said...

First, WELL DONE! I felt as if I was eavesdropping on a conversation right next to me.

Second, hmmmmm. I hope Pete is just mulling a lot of stuff over in his mind...maybe he saw all the stuff under the 'plastic' and is trying to figure out the right way to reach Genna without scaring her off....great hook!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Your conversations sound so authentic to my ear. I could have been at the next table, listening in. Great job!

I wondered how the rest of the dinner went, after the fleeting moment of pity crossed Pete's face. Was the magic of the date lost from that moment on, or was it only evident during the kiss? I love these two together so much that I find myself wishing the scene were just a big longer near the end.

I can't wait to learn how it all works out for them!

((hugs)) Nicole

Piedmont Writer said...

Crimey -- She did overload him but as I said to Summer and Amie, there's more behind the scenes that you haven't read yet.
And thanks for the head's up on that listing. I dont' think I've queried them yet.

Becky -- When you find out what's up with Pete, you'll love me.

Nicole -- The scene is longer, you just haven't read it yet. Soon, very soon.

Shelley Sly said...

Aww man... I like Pete a lot. I was shocked that she didn't think he was into her at the end. I would have thought the opposite. But reading your reply comments to others, I think there's just a lot that I haven't read yet (that I can't wait to read someday!) ;) Wonderful reading, as always!

notesfromnadir said...

I like the part about wedding dresses & then a mention of Hope street in the next sentence. Details like that are what make great books.

I'm curious to see if she & Pete ever hook up! Nice job, left me wanting to read more &, as usual, your dialogue is very realistic & flows well.

Piedmont Writer said...

Shelley -- But isn't this what a book is supposed to do...keep you wondering. All will be revealed.

Lisa -- Thank you. I'm glad you saw that, I didn't think anyone would, although Hope street is a real street in Bristol. I thought it was fitting, symbolism and all that.

Julie Musil said...

What wonderful writing! I was mesmerized.

Elliot Grace said...

...from a dude's perspective, you've nailed Pete's personality as if from a ball peen hammer. Typical guy...always a step behind in the conversation, always considering a past comment as the girl has moved on to a second and third topic. I loved it:)

Piedmont Writer said...

Julie -- Thank you.

Elliot -- Thanks for this. I always wonder if I'm hitting the male POV in the true sense.

Talli Roland said...

I enjoyed this, Anne! I like you how played out the rhythm of the date - and how he did feel like he was losing interest at the end.

Donna Hole said...

nice job. It really did feel like a first date. I like how you weave in the back story with the dialogue. It was like watching a soap opera. (Boy, do I miss General Hospital sometimes.)

I can't believe how much writing you been accomplishing. Kudos there. Would you come write my fantasy for me? :)


Piedmont Writer said...

Talli -- Thank you, that's exactly how I wanted it to read. I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve.

Donna -- Thanks Donna, first date is nervous tension. Soap opera, yup. That's what I write. And I wish I could help you with your fantasy (writing) but I'm not very good at it.

February Grace said...

Great stuff!

To my dismay I just realized that blogger isn't giving me updates when you post now! Harrumph! If this keeps up I may have to unfollow/refollow and see if that helps, I wish I knew why that is happening I don't want to miss anything!


Lola Sharp said...

WHAT HAPPENED?! I left a comment on this post, I was right after Summer's comment. (Saying I was still rallying for Tony. )

It posted. I saw it. And I came back tonight to see if anyone else wanted Tony... it's gone. *scratches head*

Well, basically I said I enjoyed this, because--I wanted Tony, not Pete anyway. So, this direction gives me hope. :)

Man. Google seems to hate me. I'm really trying to be a good bloggy friend, but it hates me. :(

sarahjayne smythe said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Argh, what have done to poor Pete? I love Pete. It really sounded like a first date between two people who've konwn each other a long time, even if they've been separated for a while. Congrats on all the writing, and I know there's stuff we haven't seen. I'm just gonna stay in my corner and hope for Pete. :)