Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've received some awards these last few weeks and have been hoarding again. Shame on me. I even received some while I was away so that was very nice to come home to.
I'll dispense with the flummery and get started right away.

I received this lovely award from Lydia Kang The Word is my Oyster. I would like to bestow this upon :

Stina Lindenblatt
Shelley Sly
Sarah Ahiers
Bish Denham
Elana Johnson
Susan Fields
Crystal Cook
Jennifer Daiker
Portia Sisco

I also received this beauty from Nicole. I thought it appropriate I pass this on to some "freshman" writers I know. (I really loathe the term 'newbie' so I'm going to refrain from using it and call them freshman instead.) And I'm calling them freshman because they have less than 50 followers.

Becoming a Writer
Chocolate Sedations in Writing
I Am An Authoress
Major Musings
R.Mac Wheeler
The Rainy Day Wanderer
Ariel Swan
Stacy's Rantings
My Writing and Research Notebook
Ducks out of a Row
Digging out of Distraction
Empty Refrigerator

And lastly, I received the Versatile Blogger award from (get ready) 4 different people - Samuel, Cynthia, Christine, and Dominique.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Now the rules are pretty simple, link back and thank the people who gave you this award, (which I've got some heavy duty linkage going on) and share 7 things about yourself.

Here goes...

1) I can tie a cherry stem with my teeth.

2) I still cry during most of Monster Baby's movies, even though I've seen them eight thousand times.

3) I've had to dye my hair since I've been 17. Premature gray is not fun on a high school graduate. I've always tried to be a red-head to go along with #7.

4) I don't kill bugs, I try to get them to stick to toilet paper and throw them outside. Well, except for the ones who look like they might be dangerous.

5) I don't travel well. As much as I like to go to new places, I have jet leg for days afterward. Even if I don't fly, even if I'm in the same time zone.

6) I wear bi-focals now.

7) I'm a Taurus, a Tiger and Irish so my stubborn streak is immediately recognizable. I'm not as versatile as I'd like.

Okay, I'd like to recognize these fine bloggers as being "Versatile".

Stephanie Thornton
Gina Maxwell
Lovely Lola
VR Barkowski

Now please, if you don't know any of these wonderful friends, please go and introduce yourself, especially to the freshman writers.


DL Hammons said...

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

To both you and your recipients. I need reading glasses and have multiple sets spread out across the house in key locations so a pair is always near. Damn old age. :)

Lola Sharp said...

Wow! CONGRATS on ALL your well deserved awardage! :)
*throws confetti*
*blows horn*
*claps and whistles*

I still have 20/20 vision.

But, I am now officially dying my freaking hair...they grays have arrived.

I pulled one long gray hair out of my daughters head yesterday...she is 14! She is mortified. I searched, but that was the only one. I had no idea you could have a gray hair so young.
I found my first one in my 30's. Sucks.

We JUST got home from vacation...I made them leave early. 3+ weeks was long enough...I wasn't making it to 4. I drove the entire 12 hours, with only one gas, pee and let the dogs out. I was on a mission. It's good to be home. I'm exhausted, and need to sleep, but I'm happy to be in my house.

Thank you for passing on an award to me, love. :)
I'm grateful for you, my friend.
Much love,

Ann Best said...

I was 48 when my reading eyes started to blur - at the same time I was about to become a grandma!! Very traumatic. Tried to get my daughter to come up with something other than Granny Ann (but now I like the title). Emotionally I survived the spectre of encroaching age. And the little granddaughter was adorable.

Congrats on all the awards. You deserve them! I'll check out and support the "freshman" writers.

Have a great week.

Piedmont Writer said...

DL -- I too have glasses around the house. I'm going to get one of those "old lady chains" that hang around your neck to hold your glasses. I can never find the right pair at the right time.

Lola -- I'm so glad you're back. Here's a tip though, don't keep pulling grey's from your daughter, they come back two at a time and then multiply. I know what you mean about vacation. I was only gone for 4 days and it felt like a month. xoxoxoxox

Ann -- Well, that't the age I am now and I can't decide if I want to be older or younger. I have a 5 year old and most people already think I'm her grandmother. So hard.

Meika said...

I've had gray hairs since I was about 20 so I have to dye it frequently. You're not the only one!!

Congrats on your awards :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! on the award. And I have yet to meet and see someone who can tie a cherry stem with their teeth. Seeing is believimg. Have a great week.

Stephen Tremp

Julie Dao said...

Congratulations on all of your awards!! You can tie a cherry stem with your teeth?! I am still in awe of people who can do that. I can barely chew on chewing gum without biting the inside of my lip.

Zoe C. Courtman said...

Man, I STILL can't tie a cherry stem with my teeth! :D Congrats on the awards!! And I'm a triple cancer (sun, moon, AND ascendant, so I'm TOO versatile [read: moody] lol!)

Piedmont Writer said...

Meika -- The only good thing is that someday, I'll get to look like Lucille Ball.

Stephen -- My daughter didn't believe me either so I had to prove it. I can still do it after all these years.

Julie -- Maybe I tie the cherry stem because I can't chew gum either.

Zoe -- Holy crap! Triple cancer! I hear you on the moody. Think of it as emotionally sensitive.

Christi Goddard said...

I'm a Cancer, a Tiger, and a mutt. Specifically, an Italian, Scandanavian, English mutt, and the worst genetics possible with each race. Pale skin, bad teeth, round body, rounder face.

I just spent two days at dad's place.

Congrats on the awards!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...


And I don't kill bugs either.

Piedmont Writer said...

Christi -- Time at Dad's must have been relaxing. Can't wait until the 12th.

Alex -- I think bugs are people too (well, they are according to Pixar and Disney). Maybe if they weren't so eewwwy people wouldn't squash them.

Donna Hole said...

Tying a cherry stem in a knot with your teeth takes real talent. I've never mastered the skill - but I keep trying.

I've been gone from the blogs a while, and so have you, but I'm glad we're both back.

Congrats to you on your awards, and congratulations to those you've bestowed them on. They're very lovely.

Hope you had a great time in Charlotte.


Olivia J. Herrell said...

Congratulations all around and a hearty round of applause. I wanted to stop by and say thank you. Your comment last night helped me more than you know. There's a mention for you on my blog later tonight.

that rebel with a blog

Jayne said...

Congrats on the awards, and thanks for the lovely links! :)

Susan Fields said...

Congrats on the awards, and thanks for passing one my way!

I'm not a traveller, either. It disrupts my routine too much, and I really like my routine. :)

j.m. neeb said...

Piedmont, congrats on your awards! I love seeing great blogs receive recognition. :)

And thank you so much for passing one of them onto Ducks! I'll be mentioning that (along with another I received over the weekend...) later today.


Amie B said...

thanks so much for the nod! i'll be posting it later this week!

VR Barkowski said...

Congrats and thank you so much so much for sharing, Anne! Can't wait to visit the new links.

Summer said...

I tried reading this the day you posted, and Blogger wouldn't let me! Glad I came back--you shared so much love! And thanks for thinking of me.

We have much in common! I'm also a Taurus, a Tiger, and Irish. :-D And I've been finding gray hairs for a while. I also find it quite humorous to point the gray hairs on my husband's chest out to him, but then I have to get out the tweezers, or he'll yank out all his chest hair until he gets it. Silly man...

Rena said...

Wow! Congrats!

Damyanti said...

Thanks for all these awesome links...I'm set for an hour of browsing!