Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Bachelorette

Good Morning. With my travails into the never-ending question about love, I'm going to share another secret with you. I watch The Bachelorette on tv. I know, I know. It's kind of nauseating sometimes, but I watch it to get character ideas. (Ha, yeah, if you believe that, I've got some bottom land for sale, cheap.)

No, really, I do. I always watch the beginning episode and pick out the guy I think the girl will eventually fall in love with. Just on first impressions. And then I skip the next few episodes until she gets to around 10 or 12 guys. That's when the real fun begins and they go to exotic locals.

On this last season, Ashley fell hard for a scoundrel, a rake, a big fat jerkface who broke her heart when he left the show. Now we all knew his reasoning behind it -- he thought he was going on the show for a different woman and he was disappointed with this girl and he couldn't fake affection -- but she didn't know any of that. He told her he missed his child back home and he couldn't stay there any longer.

And she fell hook, line and sinker for his BS. It made me cringe that he was such a low life scum bag to break her heart like that. I wanted to yell at the tv I was so mad. (And of course this is reality television so there are always moments like this.)

It took a week, but she got over it, and they went to Thailand. She and 11 other guys. Woo-hoo. She had a couple of good dates, and then lo and behold, Scumbag was brought to Thailand. And this time I really did scream at the tv. Because she wanted to see him. She wanted to see if he really was the true man of her dreams.

And he wasn't, thank the Goddess, but the guy she eventually picked, was not the guy I would have picked for her. Needless to say, I was disappointed in her choice, but you know, she's not me, and I'm not her, and we all have different ideas about who we eventually fall in love with.

Tell me -- Have you ever been in a relationship that all your friends told you was bad for you and you didn't listen? Have you ever loved a guy who was so out of your normal comfort zone your friends thought you were on crack?


KarenG said...

It's funny how we can become unlikely fans of certain TV shows. Like I used to be obsessed with American Idol, but I don't listen to music. And American's Next Top Model was another favorite and I'm just the most unlikely person to be a fan of that show. I watched The Bachelor a few times but never the Bachelorette.

Linda G. said...

Oh, I dated my share of losers back in college. Never wanted to hear it at the time, of course. ;)

I've never seen The Bachelorette. From your description, I think it might annoy me. *grin*

Shelley Sly said...

Don't worry, I used to watch The Bachelor and Bachelorette every week. I stopped at Ali and Roberto's season, if you saw that, so I haven't seen any of the newer ones. I don't care for reality TV in general, (and they always bring the scumbag back! Always!) but these series do give insight into what makes people choose the partners that they do. Some participants are more shallow than others, though... *sigh*

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I was always very cautious about the girls I'd date, so the questionable ones never went past the first date. Some of the good ones never went past the first date. Guess I'm lucky I found one that would stick with me a while.

Anne R. Allen said...

I have to admit I spent a lot of my life dating bad boys. I even married one for a while. I suppose a shrink could come up with a whole lot of pathologies that might have caused it, but I think we are genetically predisposed to fall for the alpha male--the guy who could protect our foremothers from sabertooth tigers and marauding bands of Neanderthals.

I think that primitive force is what fuels romance novels. They're about finding an alpha male who can be tamed and/or has some hidden beta characteristics. It's a way of acting out that primitive need for the tough, bad dude.

Damyanti said...

To both your questions, yes!

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Pearl said...

All I can say is that the heart knows what it wants.

And sometimes what it wants is a good swift jolt of reality. :-)


JeannetteLS said...

Yeah. I married him. But he, like the marriage, is past tense. They thought he was too cold and silent, too disconnected. They were right. But I had come out of the relationship with the man I have loved all my life, who was a volatile Sicilian (not dangerous, just a bit over the top in self-expression, as am I.) I thought I was improving in my selextion. He was not an alcoholic OR a drug addict. He was not violent. And he was not my Italian.

That was the trouble. I married a bunch of "He is nots" rather than really looking at the "He IS" of it all.

Laura Pauling said...

I watched that show once and did get sucked into it! But I got tired of the drama.

Nicki Elson said...

So I came by late to see your love post, and scrolled down, la-di-da, and WHAT do I see in the post below it? Ah! I can't believe it! Okay, but before I finish biting my fingernails and go ahead and read it, I'll comment on this post.

I really liked J.P. & her! But I'll admit that I came in on this season late. I keep trying to get off Bachelor, but then that damn Chris Harrison reels me back in, and this time he got me w/ the whole Bentley thing---what a scum bag (Bentley, not Chris). Anyhow, what I liked about JP for her was that he was the one she automatically trusted with her Bentley secret, and he automatically had the best reaction imaginable.

Who was your pick for her?

Oh, and in answer to your, no, I actually can't think of a guy my friends warned me off.