Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break

Good Morning, my darlings. Yes, we are still here after the horrible weather this weekend. Is everyone all right? God, I hate tornadoes. I've lived through hurricanes (homeless after the last one in the 90's), been on the water in bad bad storms (where the ocean swept over the road and into the backyard), a couple of blizzards had me stuck for days, but have never and never want to go through a tornado. I cannot imagine the horror. I mean, we've all seen the news this weekend. All those poor people in Raleigh and surrounding counties. I can't imagine it. And I'm a writer. God Bless all of them.

In other news, this is Spring Break for the Monster Child. Today she is going with my mother to the carousel at the mall while I take my father to get his licence renewed. How much fun is that going to be. Let me just say, my father is a curmudgeon, and partially deaf (absolutely refuses to get a hearing aid) and has no clue about computers (and the test is on a computer). If we don't get thrown out of the DMV it will be a miracle. (He wants to slip the guy a hundred...yeah, he's still old he'll be able to keep his licence. Can I just say Class D felony.)

Also, I'm gearing up for the big kitchen reno. They start on Thursday. I've been helping my mother get the kitchen de-nuded. And getting the flower gardens mulched. I wish I were Scottish so I could say something like "Ach, 'tis a fine braw brecht mess, we've gotten ourselves into." Or something like that.

I went through REMEMBERING YOU for the 900th time over the weekend. (Don't ask me how) Geez, you know, I think I've finally realized what they mean when they say, let your manuscript sit for awhile. I'm not a big user of 'that' but I found quite a few. I know I'll go through it again. Still checking my email countless times a day.

And now, because I don't want you to think this post is all about me, here's a link.
Spring cleaning for your WiP. It's a fantastic checklist that you really really should save in your favorites bar. Lydia does a great job. And if you don't follow her, you should.

Remember now, this Friday is Earth Day (and also my birthday). Plant something, recycle something, reuse something (I've got my eye on the old cabinets at my mothers'), reduce your clutter (Yes, I've also been cleaning like a maniac at my house).

I don't know if I'll be posting on Wednesday. Depends on if I have to bail out my father. Have a great week everyone.

3:08 pm Just wanted to let you all know, there was no bribery involved with the renewal of my father's licence. He passed with a 75. I passed with an 80. He was mad because he studied the book and I didn't even crack it open. Also, had a nice little "thing" with the guy who gave me my test. Yum-my! My mother asked if I gave him my phone number. I told her he has it already. Of course she wanted to know how. I said, "He works for the DMV, they're like the CIA. They know everything."


Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Anne, is your father truly a safe driver? I often raise my eye brow when I see some of my rehab elderly patients going back to drive... I know it means so much for them, for their independency, but I get concerned about other drivers' safety too.

Taking the keys away from an elderly is one of the hardest thing I have witnessed. Good luck with the test.

And good look with your projects!!! Sounds like you have a very productive week ahead :-)


Talli Roland said...

Yikes, good luck with your father today! I hope you don't need to bail him out. If nothing else, it might make a great scene in a novel!

Jennifer Shirk said...

It's spring break for my kiddo too. In fact, she's begging me to take her to the library now. LOL
Have a good week!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I still need to read a certain story! Wild weekend here. Lots of damage, but thankfully none in my neighborhood.

Bossy Betty said...

Happy Spring break to the MB. Going to the DMV with your dad sounds like writer's fodder to me! OK, OK, maybe when it's your own fodder (father) it's different. The $100.00 might just work!

notesfromnadir said...

I'm hoping your father gets his license without any drama or extra C notes floating around the DMV.

Great news about your mom's kitchen reno! It's so much work but really worth it when it's done!

Domey Malasarn said...

Anne, if it comes to this, try hiding a nail file in a cake. That was always a good old school technique for getting someone out of jail. :)

E. Elle said...

I may or may not have snorted at the thought of a cranky old man slipping a hundred to a DMV worker.

I admire your dedication to RY. Add that to the revisions of TLM and I don't know how you get anything else done.

So glad you're okay after the bad weather! I never want to go through a tornado either, not least of all because I'll be spewing "Twister" quotes from my terror. :oP

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

we're getting snow, so the planting will have to wait until the ground finishes thawing.
Do you ever do a CTRL+F to find all your "thats"? That's what i do, with words i use excessively (That. Back. etc)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

My father was a world class curmudgeon who was still getting into barroom brawls well into his seventies, so I really feel for you taking yours to the DMV. Dad was also born in Scotland, so I recognized your "Tis a brau bricht" reference. (and was quite surprised to see it, too!) Glad the tornadoes steered clear of you. Nasty, nasty things.

Anne Gallagher said...

Doris -- I used to be a chauffer for some old people I worked for back in the 90's. They hated not having their freedom but they liked me so it all worked out.

Talli -- I was thinking it would make a great scene. Especially after we had to go to every junk yard in a 50 mile radius afterward.

Jennifer -- Library day is tomorrow. Funny how kids love the library. Which is a good thing.

Alex -- I'm glad. I know you're south of there. Get ready for the next round on Wed.

Betty -- Your own fodder! haha that's funny. And he had the $100 and didn't even take me to McD's for lunch. Told you he was a curmudgeon.

Lisa -- I just want the kitchen to be DONE!! I get the dog for the next 3 weeks. yee hah.

Domey -- These days I'd need a file and the A-Team I think.

E. -- In fits and starts, that's how I roll these days. My life will not be my own again until the Monster Child is back in school.

Sarah -- Snow AGAIN!! Oh Yvie must be out of her mind. I didn't know about the CRTL-F. I'll have to try it. Thanks for the tip.

Susan -- I'm SO GLAD you spelled that for me. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't look it up. Everything went well today. Thankfully.

Anne R. Allen said...

I'm so glad to hear Spring Break is producing a bigger whirlwind in your life than the scary weather.

For some reason, I couldn't get that link to work. I'll try later. Sometimes Blogger is just annoying on purpose.

Donna Hole said...

haha; they do know everything :)

Is it good that your dad is still on the road?


Anne Gallagher said...

Anne -- Let me know if it doesn't. Or just try her site and go into her archives from last week. Spring Cleaning Your WIP.

Donna -- My dad's fine. Well, he's old now and can't drive on the highway at all. He's afraid of the semi's. But then again, so am I. If he couldn't drive, I'm afraid he'd be impossible to live with. He's been through a lot in the last few years, so as long as he can keep his independence, he'll be fine.

Linda G. said...

LOL about your encounter with the yummy DMV guy. See? Some things work out to be more fun than you expected. ;)

Anne Gallagher said...

Linda -- Oh, but if only he'd call me. And I am NOT waiting for the phone to ring.

Stephen Tremp said...

We tore out a section of our wooden patio so we can plant stuff with the kids. They need to know what its like to plant watermelon and flowers, water them, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Bish Denham said...

Good luck with the dad and the kitchen redo! And I'm running over to check that link right now!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Oh my gosh, your little update had me in stitches! LOL! Awesome. And yay for getting your manuscript to a fantastic place. I can see it sparkling from here!

Theresa Milstein said...

Tornadoes are scary. I'm glad I don't live in a big tornado area.

It's our spring break week too. We're visiting family in NY, but we had back tomorrow.

Good luck with the kitchen. I'm sure it's a little bit of an upheaval.

And happy 900th revision. What a milestone! ; )

G.~ said...

Hi Anne! Oh, how I miss this.

I'm glad you were missed by the tornadoes. My mother lives in SC, but all is well. She said the worst of it was the softball sized hail that trashed her yard and ceramic pieces. I guess that's not so bad considering the terrible things that happened.

Congrats on the MS. What an exciting time this must be for you.

As far as spring cleaning for the WiP, mine has been sitting untouched for close to a year now. Being a full time student takes up most of my time, if not ALL of it. I guess it would be a good time to go back and take a look see.

Have fun with the kitchen reno and Happy early Birthday!

It's great to "see" you.

Anne Gallagher said...

Stephen -- I know, I have to get my garden started this week. But I'm afraid if I do, the tornadoes will come and wipe it all out. Love's labour lost.

Bish -- Thanks. It's a great link.

Glam -- I have to get that one finished. Mr. Bailey and I have a bet on our next one who will finish first.

Theresa -- Oh, New York in the springtime! Lovely. And the kitchen. Can I just say UGH right now.

G -- It's great to "see" you too. Not like the old days that's for sure. Hey, dig that ms. out and reread it, just to see what it looks like. It's fun to see what you find.

Nicki Elson said...

Congrats to you and your dad! Glad to hear he behaved himself, hehe. I do hope we'll be getting progress pictures on the kitchen remodel. :)

I know what you mean about "that" it's crazy how that little word sneaks in there when you don't even think that you're using it that much.

Have I thanked you yet for coming back and answering all my silly 80s trivia? THANKS. And yes, you've gotten a few right. Answers to be revealed in May.

P.S. Congrats on the yumminess w/ the DMV guy too. ;)

Anne Gallagher said...

Nicki -- Everytime I go over to your place, I feel like I'm in a time warp. Shades of Rocky Horror. And I hadn't even thought about pictures! Glad you reminded me!!

The Words Crafter said...

Wow. And WOW! I'm glad everyone is alright and that you passed your test. Your father sounds like he'd be fun to get into trouble with, lol.

Yummy is always good, especially at the DMV. Wouldn't that be a great idea for a romantic story.....hmmmm, thinking.....

Have lots of fun with the reno! Sending you an email tonight or tomorrow....depends on time.

Susan Fields said...

Happy birthday! My daughter's birthday is the 22nd also. She's turning 15 - old enough for a driver's permit - yikes!

I'm glad to hear you and your father passed the test!

Anne Gallagher said...

Becky -- Hee Hee, that IS a GREAT idea for a story. Hmmm. Thinking.

Susan -- You don't look old enough to have a 15 yr.old daughter.