Monday, August 9, 2010

In Their Own Words - Angie

Hi, my name's Angie, I'm Genna's cousin. Well, I mean, she's more like my little sister really. When her parents were alive, they lived upstairs from us and she was always underfoot, in my room, trying on my clothes. I'm sixteen months older than she is so, of course, she had to find fashion somewhere right? I mean Christ, if it were up to Fortuna we'd all be wearing velour track suits. Anyway, after her parents died, instead of moving her downstairs with us, my parents moved Robby upstairs with her. It was like one big open house after that. They'd sleep up there but eat down here. It was good for me because when Robby moved upstairs I got his room, which was bigger.

Anyway, Genna. She's a good kid. I mean, a nice girl. A nice woman. Well, what do you call women these days in their early thirties, chicks? Never mind. Genna's nice. And smart. And funny when she wants to be. She doesn't let a whole lot of people see that side of her, but when she does, I mean watch out. She's better than watching those comics on HBO. I like her, a lot. She's always been good to me. More than I've been good to her that's for sure. She's forgiven me a lot of shit that I did to her. Did she ever tell you about that perm in tenth grade? No, well, she forgave me for that. And how about the time I puked all over her cashmere sweater, and then tried to wash it without her finding out, and put it in the dryer. Yeah, she forgave me for that too. Like I said, she's a good kid.

I'm jealous of her. Not for her life, I mean who wants to work, work, work, but for who she is deep down inside. She's got her shit together that's for sure. No one can call her bluff, she stands up for what she believes in and if you get in her way, watch out. I mean, she'll run you over if it's something she wants. Driven, is the word. And you know, her Nana Rocco was always throwing money in her face but Genna never took it. She didn't have to work at Pop's diner, she didn't have to save for that car she bought, she didn't have to wear those grungy clothes, her Nana would have given her all that but she never took it. Don't tell her this, but I heard her tell her Nana one day, if Nana couldn't buy me clothes, then Genna didn't want her to buy her clothes either. I thought that was real sweet of her.

Sweet, she's that too. Sometimes I hated her for it when we were kids. I mean, she was always so good, so thoughtful, so kind. She was always bringing my mom flowers. She'd always help Aunt Linda with the chores. My mother would get so pissed at me "Why can't you be more like Rosa?" Ugh, I hated her sometimes. But then, when Aunt Linda and Uncle Joey died, well, how can you hate someone after that?

I know it wasn't right, but I tried to steal Tony away from her. It was right before Genna turned sixteen. I knew Tony was waiting for that day so he could ask her out. I mean, God, he was such a hunk back then. Every girl in school used to come and sit at the diner just to catch a glimpse of him. Oh, he'd chat me up, but it was always about Genna. But then one day he asked me out. I figured he'd gotten tired of waiting around for her. But it was just about the sex. Stupid me, didn't figure that out for about two months. That was all he wanted, and to talk about Genna. Talk about getting used. I hate him. His name so fits, Testa di cazzo.

I didn't tell Genna all this until a few days ago. For someone who's so smart, I mean, can't believe she made the ulitmate mistake in sleeping with him again, so I had to tell her. He only wants her for Nana's money. Did she tell you Nana is giving her a quarter of a million dollars? Some kind of early inheritance thing so no one has to pay taxes on it. That's why Tony's sniffing around again. Stronza! Hate him. But that's why I told Genna all about me and Tony, so she could see just exactly what kind of man he really is. I mean, you might think she would be over him because of what he did to her before, you know, marrying Debbie. But love is blind, so they say. And she really did love him. I mean, really.

When she came back from church that day, after hearing Debbie tell her she was married to Tony, oh my God, I thought Genna was going to cry herself to death. It was horrible to watch, and I had to watch it because I was the one who told Debbie where to find her. Therefore, it was my fault I caused her so much pain. I had to take care of her. And I did. I did. I mean, I wasn't the bimbo everyone thinks I am. I told Debbie where to find Genna that day so Genna would leave Tony once and for all. She would never have done it if Tony had gotten to her first. He would have said all the right things and Genna would have believed him and his bullshit and God only knows what would have happened. I'm glad it happened the way it did. I mean, I'm sorry Genna had to be hurt so bad but it was for the best. And Genna forgave me for that too.

And now she's got that great job down in Delaware. She's got that great apartment, have you seen that? Oh my God, I'd love to live there, I mean, it's so big, so light, perfect for painting. And she's got Pete DiCampo. I know, I know, he's only just re-met her after all these years but I know Pete and I know Genna. I mean, they're a match made in Heaven. I just hope she doesn't scare him off. Sometimes she can be so hard, you know. And unemotional. But I think that had to do with her parents dying. And Tony. After what he did, I mean, I know she's scared shitless. She won't let herself get close to anyone. But I hope she gets over it with Pete. I hope he doesn't take her aloofness as a sign she's not interested. Because she is. I know she is. She cried at my kitchen table the other day because the kiss he gave her on the date they had the other night wasn't the same as the kiss he gave her in the alley the other morning. So I know she really likes him. I mean, really, who analyzes kisses if they're not interested?


Jen said...

This was brilliant! I'm really enjoying all of these!!! I have mine set up for next week ;) Hope you stop by for them!

It was nice to learn a little bit more about her, I love that she's jealous of her because of who she is, several of us can relate to that.

Piedmont Writer said...

Jen -- I will absolutely be there. Angie's jealous but she's not all bad. She does get better as the book goes on. Her motives for what she did to Genna were out of love, even though it was a rotten thing to do.

Summer Ross said...

wow- this is really indepth. relating to this character was easy for me. thanks for posting.

Talli Roland said...

I'm really enjoying this series! It's so nice to get inside your characters' heads, isn't it! Are you learning anything new about them as you do this?

Anonymous said...

You really seem to be loosening up with this series, Anne. I knew there was a reason I liked Angie. ;o) Even in her bitchiness, she's genuine and a good person (kinda like me - haha). Keep up the good work, dear one! <3

Piedmont Writer said...

Summer Ross -- Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked it.

Talli -- I don't think it's that I'm learning but that you're all learning. The people whom I've introduced you to aren't really the people that I know. So it's been kind of fun in that way. I always knew Angie was good, but is more anxiety prone than most.

E.Elle -- Angie's a good girl deep down, you just have to see her motivations for doing some of the crazy crap she does.

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I like her! This line broke my heart: I mean, I wasn't the bimbo everyone thinks I am. I can relate to her. I've been a bit misunderstood my whole life, by sisters and by people in the small town where I grew up. I hate that people from my past keep me in the little box the decided I fit into all those years ago. I've grown, changed. Does Angie ever feel like that?

Lord, listen to me! These characters are becoming real people for me, Anne. WTF??

Snaps to you! Write on :D

Piedmont Writer said...

Nicole -- This is a good thing, when you start thinking the characters are real people. It means I've done my job as a writer, no?

And yes, Angie does feel like that. She grows exponentially throughout the course of the book.

Lola Sharp said...

I enjoyed this sketch too...but she doesn't smell like Jean Nate! ;)

I never hear from you anymore...I hope this means you are getting lots of writing done.

notesfromnadir said...

This is very helpful to read how your other characters perceive the main character. I like Angie as she's so protective & so clearly on Genna's side!

Susan Fields said...

I'm really enjoying getting to know all your characters better! It's neat to see how they all perceive Genna.

Piedmont Writer said...

Lola -- No Jean Nate or velour track suits for Angie. I am getting writing done. I read you (as well as everyone else) but I don't comment much anymore. I'm trying to stay focused.

Lisa -- It's funny, I didn't really look at it that way until you pointed it out. I mean, they're all family, they should be protective of her, but until I did this exercise I really had no idea how they actually felt about Genna.

Susan -- Thanks Susan. I just hope I'm not repetitive with the same perception.

Shelley Sly said...

It was so great to get a clearer picture of who Angie is, her personality and motivations, etc. Of course this just makes me want to read the book even more. I love these posts, keep them coming!

Piedmont Writer said...

Shelley -- 4 more to go. Yeah, Angie has that effect on people. You don't really like her at first but after you get to know her a little bit, she's okay.

February Grace said...

"I mean Christ, if it were up to Fortuna we'd all be wearing velour track suits."


Loved this one too (what else am I supposed to say? It's true)

One thing that stuck out at me in this one was, I haven't really known jealous women to admit to jealousy outright- especially if it's toward a close cousin or a sister.

They might say something snide or envious but not just outright say "I'm jealous." Unless this was a journal entry where if she was especially in tune with her feelings she might admit it outright on a page, but that's not generally something a woman would say to someone else- even if she'd think it. Since these come across as conversations with the character (at least to my view) that's something that jumped out.

I'd be curious to hear (only if you have time of course I know I'm late getting to these) your thoughts on that. Have you known a woman to admit outright (sincerely- not in jest) she was jealous of another person?

This series is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this glimpse inside their heads. Makes me really, really want to read the book.


The Words Crafter said...

I love these! She sounds like the person everyone wants to hate, but she really does care. I like that she acknowledges things and is straightforward. I also like that she envies something worth envying-not material things, not a boyfriend, but the essence of who a person is. That's a deep insight to her own soul/psyche. Can't wait to read the next one!