Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Done or Finished

Well, after a blazingly long day Monday, THE EARL'S ENGAGEMENT was finished. Or should I say done? I'm never sure if there's a difference. Yes, one "sounds" better, but they both get the point across.

Anyway, it's up and running on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. (Give it a week and it'll be available on Sony, Apple and whatever other venues Smashwords deal with. I've lost track there are so many.)

As I've also never launched this particular idea before, I'd like to offer it up to you guys for review. I've given my books away for free before, but I've never gotten any reviews from that. Wait times for review sites are lengthy, and I'm just too darn busy to go searching for them.

I also think now, with three novels and five short stories out there, I'd like to think it's all been worth it. I understand I'm running in a microcosmic niche market (sweet Regency romance) but reviews drive that market -- good, bad or indifferent. As for where you put the review, Amazon is always good, Barnes and Noble would be swell, Goodreads is always nice, and Smashwords is a bonus. If there are other places you frequent, that would be great. I don't get around much.

So, if anyone would like a review copy, (Kindle, Nook, or plain html or PDF) let me know in the comments with your email address. I'll get them out to you in the next couple of days.

Here's the cover copy. But if you'd like a little more information on this particular book, you can scroll down and take a look at my "Next Big Thing" blog post. (I'd link to it, but Blogger is acting up today and I don't want to lose this post.)

When an urgent letter arrives in Caithness, Gregory Scott, the Earl of Bailey hurries to London believing his dearest relation is on her deathbed. Rory is appalled to find his presence is only needed to play-act as a fake fiancé for a friend of his cousin.

After the lady in question marries her true love, Rory is left unoccupied. Seeking out an old acquaintance, he discovers Lord Briden nearly penniless, mentally unstable, and entirely dependant upon his spinster daughter for the care and upkeep of their estate at Primrose.

The beautiful Lady Rosamund is part hoyden, part bluestocking, part servant. Wanting nothing to do with Society, her uncommon way of life spurs Rory into offering assistance, but Rosamund adamantly refuses. When Rory learns the lecherous lord next door is blackmailing Rosamund, he devises a scheme to help her whether she wants it or not.

The idea to find Rosamund a husband goes slightly awry, as Rory doesn’t bargain for falling in love with the enigmatic Lady Rosamund. And when his plan turns up another beau for Rosamund, can Rory let her go?

Thanks everyone.


Johanna Garth said...

Congratulations! I'd be happy to review it (johannagarth at gmail dot com) but it might take a while to finish it because I'm working on three others at the moment.

coffeelvnmom (Jessica Brooks) said...

Yay for you! As your genre is technically not my thing, I don't feel right reviewing... but I hope you find some because it really does help get your name out there! :)


Anne Gallagher said...

Johanna -- Thanks, I'll be in touch.

Jessica -- I read your post this morning and I think that's what sparked my decision. so Thanks.

jabblog said...

Firstly, congratulations on finishing another book. I'd love to offer to review but I know there are others better qualified. You deserve a professional response after all your hard work.

Carol Kilgore said...

Congrats on getting it out there. I don't know enough about your genre to review :(

Deniz Bevan said...


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

No time to do it right now, but I'll read and review asap. But no need for a freebie. I'll buy it, dear lady. (AFTER I catch up on all the other reviews I should've done months and months ago.)

Congratulations! You're something else.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Love the cover, Anne. It's not my genre, either, and my TBR pile is out of control.

I guess I need to do a better job actually reviewing the books I read. Oops!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Well, I loved your contemporary and the regency short story. I enjoy your writing. You tell a good story.

Is there a way to get one on my kindle? I'd be glad to review it and I need to get you on Over Coffee with this one.

You have my email.

Congrats on surviving the process and getting it up on Amazon!

coffeelvnmom (Jessica Brooks) said...

LOL Well, you're welcome! :)

Hanny said...

Way to go! That's so exciting.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

congrats for another milestone. Yeah!

You know I'd love to give you a review. But you know...without a vampire, ogre or zombie-troll...I just can't get into a story *grin*

(there was a reason my crits drove you up the freaking wall...made you want to plunge your keyboard through your monitor...remember?)

Sarah Ahiers said...

Yay congrats!
I'm good for a review, but probably not in the next few months (got to read some books for an upcoming class). But i'd rather pay for a copy than get a free one anyway, so don't worry about that.

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Congrats on another release! This one sounds fun. :) And yes, reviews seem to be difficult to procure for me too. I'd like them to just happen organically, but I wish there was a way to jump start that. They especially seem helpful on Amazon.