Friday, February 4, 2011

An excerpt from the latest WIP

Hi. Just thought I'd share a little of what I've been working on. Some of you may have seen the excerpt I posted for the Christmas blogfest. Ellis and Violet sharing a kiss in a darkened hall. Here is the outcome of another kiss that happened the next day. Poor Ellis. God, I just love angst.

******** Rating "G" Sorry about the length but I hope you enjoy it. And as always, this is a first draft. There's a lot more I have to add yet.

sorry this excerpt has been removed by the author.


Linda G. said...

Very nice!

Methinks Ellis doth protest too much. I'm sure there is genuine love on the horizon for him. :)

Bish Denham said...

Silly conflicted man. He couldn't possibly be falling for another woman, out of the question!

Liza said...

Gosh, hope loyalty doesn't cause him to make a big mistake! I enjoyed this. A lot.

Anne Gallagher said...

Linda -- LOL. Ellis doth protest throughout the whole book. But when he finally realizes how much he loves Violet, it's too late. She's engaged to someone else. And boy howdy, watch what Ellis does then!!!!

Bish -- I know. Poor Ellis. He's such a joy to write. So much ANGST!!!

Anne Gallagher said...

Liza -- Thanks so much. Like I told Linda, he gets to make a HUGE mistake.

Jen Daiker said...

Bish left me chuckling!!! It's exactly what I thought but she said it so much better than I could have, lol.

Happy Friday Anne!

Bossy Betty said...

I would sort of like to date Ellis.

Anne Gallagher said...

Jen -- I know. Ellis is just sooo... blind. Happy Friday.

Betty -- I'm still laughing. I would love to date Ellis too.

Francine Howarth said...


Oh very nice!

But, if Ellis had no issues there would be no story. ;)


Anne Gallagher said...

Francine -- Thanks. Ellis is just full of them and I can't wait to bring them all out to the surface. Poor Ellis.

jbchicoine said...

Oh, Ellis, he's a stubborn one! From what fate is he hoping to spare Lady Violet?
...and such lovely prose. I'm glad you shared it! Would LOVE to read more :)

Melissa Gill said...

I like Ellis very much. I loved the way he was with his horse. What a great conflict, I imagine it will take him a while longer to get over it and get on with it. I hope so at least. Violet sounds like a lovely girl too, hope some other rake doesn't try to come in a sweep her off her feet.

Anne Gallagher said...

jb -- I'll get in touch.

Melissa -- He's a very caring man behind his extremely gruff exterior. And Violet is very nice. Wait until you see what happens to both of them. Ohhh suspense.

Donna Hole said...

Be still my fluttering heart - and I don't read romance :)

Nicely drawn, Anne. Vivid characters; just the right amount of angst from Ellis. This had an easy flow, kept up a consistent pace all the way to the end.

Good work.

And how is Monster Baby's loose tooth progressing?


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Awww, this is a sweet excerpt! I like the passion he has for absolutely believing his theory. I wish I knew if he was right! :)

The Las Vegas Writer said...

Love it! Seems like he needs to be smacked upside the head :)

Shelley Sly said...

I really like this, Anne! Just by reading this, I'm already rooting for Ellis and Violet. Thanks so much for sharing -- it's wonderful! :)

She Writes said...

I believe men fall harder than women. Just sayin'. Women can cry, tell their friends, cry and talk some more. Healing.

My boyfriend tells me every man he knows still loves every woman he ever loved.

That last line was great.

Rula Sinara said...

Beautiful, Anne! I want to read more and I'm definitely gripped by your hero.

Tara said...

Ah. Poor, silly Ellis. just give in to it already!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

late comment, since i was away from the interwebs for a few days.
First off, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Ellis. LOVE IT!
Also, is this a brand new novel or is it related to your whole masquerade family of novels?

Anne Gallagher said...

Donna -- Thanks so much. My heart as well, and I'm writing him.

Michelle -- He evenutally realizes she's not his dead wife but it takes some time.

Vegas -- He gets slapped silly. Never fear.

Shelley -- Thanks. It's really a joy to write.

Amy -- I like your boyfriends theory but I'm afraid it doesn't hold up with me. All my ex-s hate me. I'm a bitch don'tcha know.

Rula -- Thanks. I WISH I was gripped by Ellis. I wouldn't let him go.

Tara -- Oh my, he is silly. But wait, he gets even sillier.

Sarah -- Thanks. I love his name too. I don't know where I found it, but then there is always Ellis Island. But that is not where I got it from. And yes, this is the second of four in the Masquerade family.

Ann Best said...

This is excellent, Anne! You've captured the period. Your writing is lean and compelling, which I don't often find in romance, which is why I don't read much of it. This reminds me of Anne Perry (author of romantic murder mysteries set in 1890 England), the style, the period, the way of speaking. You're doing an excellent job! I would love to read the book, so finish it!! And self-publish it if you don't find someone who will. I'm old-fashioned, but I've succumbed to the eReader. And if I really want to read a book in print, I'll buy the ebook and then print it out on my computer. Either way, I'll read this!!!
Ann Best, Author

Anne Gallagher said...

Ann -- Thanks so much. I'm glad you like it. As soon as its finished and through revisions I'm going to query this around through the summer. Hopefully I'll get a taker and we'll be able to see it in print by 2012.

They say third time is a charm so that's what I'm hoping this is.