Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekend Writing

It's the weekend and my writing time is different now than it is during the week. Monday through Friday I write in the mornings from 9-12 when my daughter's in school and 1-4 after lunch while she plays with her little friend across the street. Now that it's Saturday I only have so many hours - minutes really - where I can do something on the computer before I hear, "Mommy I need...Mommy I want...Mommy can you help me....Mommy I'm hungry..." The list is endless.

Yes, weekend writing is different as well. I can't get into a flow because of all the constant interruptions so on the weekends I generally do revisions or re-read chapters. Somtimes if I have enough time I may do a smaller separate scene and put it in its own file for later to fit in with the wider manuscript later. Weekend writing is different but it is still writing.

I also review my agent lists. I know at some point this weekend I will have to dig out all my notes on my A-list snail mail agents and decide which packets will go out on Monday morning. I was hoping to avoid the whole snail mail bit, I am a big fan of being green, but a writer's got to do what a writer's got to do.

Weekend writing will be different this weekend because I smashed my middle finger in between the very heavy screen door and doorjamb yesterday and boy howdy, holy mackeral, did it HURT!!! Still does and is swollen, so I'm pecking and hacking even now.

Weekend writing is less frantic, less harried, because I also know I have no time limits. I have no time period so whatever I get done, or started, is a bonus for me. During the week I know I only have 3 hours to make my little world happen so I make the most of it. I also try and clean the house and finish laundry so on Monday I don't have that all hanging over my head and I can concentrate on my next WIP.

Weekend writing -- it has begun -- "Mommy can you go upstairs and get me some Apple Circles cereal?" I wish you all well, writing warriors, to struggle as best you can through the weekend.

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